France: The French People Strongly Condemn CCP Organ Harvesting

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On Friday May 5th, 2006, French Falun Gong practitioners went to Convention metro station in Paris and with displays of photographs, signature collection and leaflet distribution, they revealed the evil deeds taking place in Chinese Communist Party labour and concentration camps. French people strongly condemned the CCP atrocities. Many French citizens signed the petition to the French president, urging the French government to make an effort to rescue those Falun Gong practitioners who are being persecuted in labour camps and prisons.

French students listened to the truth seriously French people signing the petition to support Falun Gong practitioners

One French lady who had been to China said she had always known that the CCP persecutes Falun Gong practitioners. She told us her experience of applying for visas at the Chinese Embassy and her journey in China. She said, “I know this issue because when I went to apply for a tourist visa to China, I happened to see some activities similar to this in front of the Embassy. I took some material. When I entered the Embassy, the door guard asked me to throw away those material and newspapers about Falun Gong. I refused and said to them, ‘I haven’t read them yet, you can’t force me to do things! This is not China!’ They then became very angry. After fifteen days, I picked up my visa and went to China, stayed there for about ten days. However, my luggage was cut open, I don’t know whether it is because of I have read some Falun Gong newspaper so attracted their attention, though it could be a coincidence. When I was in China, I indeed couldn’t appreciate some Chinese peoples’ behaviours. As far as I know, there are many police men spying on the tourists all the time. I know that one lady and her entire tour group were taken to the police station and stayed there for a whole night. All of their films were taken out of their cameras. The police inspected all of their photos without giving any reasons. I guessed that they thought that there might be some pictures regarding Falun Gong practitioners. From then on, I started to realise what had happened. But I never had known about the organ harvesting. It is so horrible! In a time like now, they still torture these people! It is too cruel! I think you people are very courageous, what you have done is very good, we must let people know all about this.”

One French lady said, “I don’t know the entire situation of the organ harvesting. I have seen the letter to the President. I hope more people can come to sign it. I hope we can stop what is happening. We must expose it to the whole world. All of these just can not be accepted. We must take some actions, to spread this information to more people, to let people know what is still happening in this world. Apart from our actions, the French government can make some effort as well. I hope we can make it happen.”

A young lady said, “I think this is too cruel, we need to take action now, the media need to report more news, and let more people stand up against this crime. I think French people can put some effort into this.”

One French student said, “I think this is unacceptable, such a thing should not happen in this century. We haven’t seen this since the Nazi years during World War II; organ harvesting is totally intolerable to me, which is why I signed the petition. For me as a young person, I think I should put some effort for the future.”

Mr Joelle, a Cuban who has obtained political asylum in France, said, “I used to be a reporter in Cuba, under the communist rule, if a reporter wants to tell the truth, he face the danger of being persecuted to death. We do not have freedom of speech; everything was under the government’s close control.”

Ms. Alice said, “It is unbelievable, how can such a thing happen! This is too shocking to me; I think this is too horrifying. The French government must do something, I would feel ashamed if my country doesn’t take action.”

Ms. Alice was signing on the petition together with her child

Mr Saloum said angrily, “This is a disaster, communism is always like this and the high-ranking people in the government get all the benefit while the civilians are dying. I hope the situation will change one day.”

After the CCP atrocity of harvesting organs from live Falun Gong practitioners was revealed, Falun Gong practitioners have organised several activities like this to expose the crime to the French public. The French peoples’ responses have been very strong, with lots of voices supporting Falun Gong practitioners in urging the international community to stop the atrocity. Falun Gong practitioner indicated that as long as the persecution continue, they will not stop exposing the evilness of the CCP, the international community needs to take action immediately and stop this inhuman atrocity.

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