Letter to the Editor: I am shocked that history repeats itself and innocent lives are lost

Clear Harmony received the following letter from a reader of the website who saw reports about the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party and wanted to voice his opinion:

Dear Clear Harmony team:

I think your article clearly points out what the symbols of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the hammer and sickle, really mean. The hammer is a symbol of ‘death’ [The German word for death starts with a capital ‘T’ which looks like a hammer] and the sickle stands for ‘greed and desire’ [the German word for ‘greed’ also starts with a capital ‘G’, which looks like a sickle]. Their motto seems to be: “Bludgeon everyone to death who is not for us, cut them into pieces and sell each piece for profit, never mind what everyone else thinks about it.”

I for one am totally shocked that the same historic trends which cost millions of innocent victims their lives in Germany are being repeated. It looks like the CCP is taking the Nazis as their example and I hope that it will not all end in another world war.

Best regards,

A faithful reader

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