Ms. Jin Yingshi on Hunger Strike, Her Condition is Critical

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Around May 14th, 2006, seven to eight State Security Agents from Helong City Police Department in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin Province arrested Falun Dafa Practitioner Ms. Jin Yingshi and ransacked her home, taking away her Falun Dafa books and leaflets exposing the persecution. In order to protest the persecution, Ms. Jin Yingshi went on a hunger strike for seven days, and doctors have now found liver and severe brain problems.

Ms. Jin Yingshi, 59, of Korean descent, had been sent to a forced labour camp in 2002. She used to be very sick before cultivation, and could not even hold a bowl of water. She fully recovered after cultivation, and could do chores in her home and was very energetic.

Since Ms. Jin Yingshi was arrested, her 80 year old mother and her husband who had a stroke are left to fend for themselves in her home. Her mother has to take care of her husband, and every day she goes to the Police Department to request to have her daughter released. Once Officer Cui (gender unknown) took her in the office and had several officers verbally abuse her, and slander Ms. Jin Yingshi.

Three years ago, Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Song Yonghua was detained in Helong City Detention Centre, and was sentenced to ten years in prison. She went on a hunger strike to protest, but developed many illnesses. Her family requested medical parole but was refused, and Ms. Song Yonghua was tortured to death in the Detention Centre.

Helong City CCP Political and Judiciary Committee Vice Secretary Jin Chengji (male), 86-433-4222435 (Office), 86-433-4231279 (Home).

Helong City 610 Office Head Jiang Zhe (male), 86-13904468949 (Mobile), 86-433-4221168 (Home), 86-433-4238610 (Office); JinLongyuan (male), 86-433-4233070 (Office), 86-433-4262690 (Home).

State Security Division Deputy Head Zhang Baohua (male), 86-13904468610 (Mobile).

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