Germany: Bonn Citizens are Shocked to hear about the CCP's Atrocity of Organ Harvesting

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Ever since the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) crime of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed, Falun Gong practitioners around the world have been holding activities to raise awareness about this persecution.

It was a fine bright May day, and people were out enjoying the sunshine in Bonn. Between the crowds a menacing cage and a bloody operating table could be seen. German Falun Gong practitioners were re-enacting some of the scenes of persecution that are happening to their fellow practitioners in China. Everyone walking by was shocked and stopped to find out all about it. Some of the people had never heard about this persecution before, but after talking to practitioners and reading the leaflet they all understood and wished to sign the petition to put an end to the violence.

Some of the people have already found out something from the media about the CCP removing organs for transplants from criminals on death row, but they never imagined that the CCP would treat in the same way such a group of innocent people who are just persisting in their own belief. There were also some people who already knew a lot about Falun Gong but had not heard about the CCP harvesting organs from living and breathing Falun Gong practitioners. Many people crowded around the tiny petition table waiting to sign the petition. Every practitioner distributing leaflets would stop from time to time and talk to people.

The public is concerned and comes to learn the truth

“What can I do to help?” many people asked. After signing the petition some people still felt that they haven’t done enough, and said to practitioners: “I will write to the parliament, I will also write to Merkel. As prime minister she should know what is happening in the country that she is going to visit.” “Are you still going to hold these activities in the future? When? I also want to help you deliver flyers.”

A Turkish-German mother passed here by with her three year old son. She did not speak a lot of German, but she came over and spoke to the practitioner acting as the operating doctor. She used a lot of hand gestures but in the end the practitioner understood her: Her son wanted to confirm whether the lady on the operating table with blood all over was gushing real blood or not. Even after we confirmed that she really wasn’t injured, the little boy still wouldn’t leave, no matter what was said. Therefore a practitioner lifted up the white sheet and showed the little boy that it was only a demonstration and it wasn’t real blood. The child left reluctantly, turning his head back towards us again and again. What a shame they did not understand the German language and that practitioners could not explain to them. However the little boy’s compassion moved many people.

A lady stood in front of the operating table and was very emotional. She said to practitioners: “I just came back from China. I went to Beijing, I went to Shanghai and I went to Guangzhou, but I had no idea that these things were happening behind all the wealth and prosperity! If I had known I wouldn’t go to such a miserable place for anything.” Practitioners explained to her that the Chinese people welcome foreign tourists like her going to China, because China has a magnificent culture that makes Chinese people feel proud. Nevertheless everybody should understand that in this historical country with great cultural possessions, the evil spectre of communism is slaughtering Falun Gong practitioners.

The German practitioners also met some journalists by chance. They asked in even more detail about the whole of what is happening. A local radio station’s programme organiser invited practitioners to make a series of radio programmes about the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong.

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