What's Really Happening With Kidney Transplants at the People's Liberation Army 205 Hospital in Jinzhou City?

A series of strange events that should not happen at any hospital recently occurred at the People's Liberation Army (PLA) 205 Hospital.

The Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) was established on April 4th, 2006, after the existence of concentration camps where Falun Gong practitioners' body organs are harvested was exposed. This group of investigators will ferret out the facts. Many voices throughout the international community call for an end to the brutal murders. The immediate response from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was to transfer and disperse Falun Gong practitioners detained in labour camps, prisons and other facilities.

Prior to May 20th, 2006, someone called the PLA 205 Hospital's Urology Surgical Section and enquired about a kidney transplant. The person answering the phone revealed that several kidney transplants were performed in February and March of 2006, and he promised quick availability of a kidney donor. Several days later, when the same person called again, the man answering the phone then denied having any donor kidneys available and also asked questions unrelated to the procedure itself, such as the patient's home address.

At the same time, the hospital has also colluded with the local police in covering up their crimes. Plainclothes police officers circulate throughout the entire hospital premises and question people who enter and leave the hospital.

The hospital quickly removed pictures and names of all staff members in the Urology Surgical Section that were previously engraved on the wall, and replaced those with a list of names that cannot be verified. Now the roster of the Urology Surgical Section staff is completely different.

The electronic display board at the hospital's front lobby used to display medical instructions, but now it publishes vicious words that slander Dafa. The hospital even set up a report hotline, 416-2963119, for anyone to report any suspected Falun Gong practitioners.

Previous members of the medical staff at Urology Surgical Section were:
Chen Rongshan: head of Urology Surgical Section, head surgeon
Zong Bin: associate head surgeon
Chen Bing: head nurse
Others: Miao Huanyu, Kong Tao, Zhang Yang, Jin Xiangyang, Pang Xiaobo, Ma Xiaofeng, Tong Haiying, Yu Lina, Sun Yuanyuan, Zhang Lili

New list of names of Urology Surgical Section staff:
Head surgeons: Tu Shuiping, Lui Bing, Meng Yang
Doctors: Ai Chunyu, Li Jingfeng, Chen Yan
Head nurses: Chen Xiang, Zhang Lu, Wang Ying
Clinical assistants: Wang Jinping, Lu Jian
Nurses: Zhang Shuxiu, Xue Guanghan

Right now it is very difficult to contact the Urology Surgical Section via telephone. Not only have the phone numbers been changed, it's also impossible to get the new numbers through the enquiry hotline, 296-3114. These phone numbers have become the hospital's top secrets. One must first answer the 114-operator about the location origin of the caller; the operator will transfer the call only if the reply is "out-of-town."

All of the strange and unexplained changes described above came about after the exposure of the PLA 205 Hospital's participation in transplants involving Falun Gong practitioners' organs. The abnormal actions of the PLA 205 Hospital points to a cover-up.

The following is a report written by CCP correspondents about "miracle doctor" Chen Rongshan. The PLA 205 Hospital that has provided him with a base to commit his evil acts.

On May 23rd, 2006, an article promoting Chen Rongshan, head of the Urology Surgical Section and clinical director appeared on page B4 of the Liaoxi Business News. The article, entitled "The Supreme Level and Pursuit of a Military Doctor" boasts that Chen Rongshan "has performed as many as 568 kidney transplants in recent years, with a success rate of 100%. His first-year kidney transplant survival rate is as high as 98%... His expertise makes him stand out in the Liaoxi area and due to his reputation, many patients seek him out, including those from Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and Malaysia."

The article also listed examples of two other kidney transplants. In April of 2002, a patient with kidney disease was at death's door. Chen Rongshan immediately proposed a kidney transplant plan for the patient. According to the report, "The patient was under special care for 10 days and the kidney transplant surgery was successful. A dying patient regained life; and for this, Chen received recognition from his colleagues." The other transplant happened at the end of 2002. Chen Rongshan performed a kidney transplant for a patient from Shandong Province. "In the end, the surgery was extremely successful," exults the report.

For Chen Rongshan, the "568 cases" is an advertisement to gain more "business" opportunities, and yet the facts behind it are cruel and bloody. In China, people have always held a conservative stand toward organ donation. Public awareness of organ donation is not widespread, and therefore the resources for human organs are in short supply. In the US, where organ donation is common practise, the average wait time for an organ transplant is between two and seven years. By contrast, the small PLA 205 Hospital can obtain kidneys so easily, which is highly suspicious. From a medical perspective, this phenomenon is absolutely in violation of medical standards, which implies an unspeakable dark secret.

According to investigation results, the PLA 205 Hospital has been performing kidney transplants for the past few years. It was verified through a reliable inside source that at the time the report on Chen Rongshan was published, the Urology Surgical Section was able to find matching organs for patients after about one week.

Due to the suspicious nature of these surgeries, Dafa practitioners conducted investigations and collected evidence. One witness said that in 2001, this hospital performed five kidney transplants in a single batch and she was one of them. The other four people died soon after the operation. She was the only survivor.

In the fall of 2004, a young woman in her 20s from Jinzhou City received a kidney transplant at the PLA 205 Hospital. The hospital told her that the donor was a prisoner in a labour camp in Panjin City. The doctor said this prisoner was in his 20s and very healthy. The patient asked the doctor, "How long will it take to get the live kidney?" The answer was, "Half a day." She also recalled that during the two to three days of her hospital stay and surgery, this hospital transplanted four to five kidneys.

Another person testified that in the month of February 2006, four kidney transplant surgeries were done in this hospital. One of the patients was Li Wei, head of the Taihe Hospital in Jinzhou City. He paid 60,000 yuan for the kidney transplant, but he died a little over a month after the surgery. Li Wei's relatives and friends were surprised at the speed at which the kidney transplant was performed (completed within a week), but they were even more shocked by his sudden death.

These are only a few of Chen Rongshan's "568 Cases" we were able to learn about. These are firsthand facts we obtained through various channels and different methods.

Why is it that the kidney transplants were successful, but the patients died soon afterwards? Medical knowledge tells us that the basic requirement for a kidney transplant is that the donor and recipient must have the same blood type and similar HLA tissue type. It's impossible to find two people with the exact same HLA unless they are twins. Usually, one must screen hundreds or even thousand of unrelated people to find two with similar HLA. The PLA 205 Hospital, however, obtained matching kidneys so easily within a very short period of time and performed "successful" surgeries, an indication the procedures were against medical common sense. The fact that the PLA 205 Hospital has access to an ample kidney supply means it's backed by a gigantic organ bank, which links the hospital to heinous crimes [of live organ harvesting]. Those who illegally provide the organs are committing crimes, and the recipients also became unknowing accomplices. These crimes get more serious as the numbers of transplants increase.

In today's China, we have so far been unable to obtain more direct evidence that proves the PLA 205 Hospital is directly involved in murder. We must ask, however: Why act covertly and evade phone calls if you have a clear conscience?

Related phone numbers:
Chen Rongshan: 416-2963495 (office), 416-2963559 (home), 13841666988 (cell)
Wang Jia: head of the PLA 205 Hospital
Gao Zhongmin: deputy head of the PLA 205 Hospital

Main switchboard at the PLA 205 Hospital: 416-2963880
Urology Department: previous phone numbers: 416-2963479, 416-2963459 (these numbers have changed)
Outpatient Clinic: 416-2963454
Head of clinic: 416-2963451

Pharmacy: 416-2963457
Prescription room: 416-2963452
Enquiring about phone numbers: 416-2963114

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