Germany: Practitioners from Braunschweig Re-Enact Organ Harvesting from Practitioners in China

On Friday May 26th, we set up an information booth in downtown Braunschweig to let local people know about how the Communist Party in China harvests organs for profit from live Falun Gong practitioners. To this end, we re-enacted scenes of torture and organ harvesting. One young lady thought the scenes were very powerful and said, “Nowadays you really have to do something drastic in order to get people to stop and take notice, don't you?”

Many other events were happening downtown and there were big crowds. Thousands of people were able to hear about the cruel persecution of Falun Gong. We used a loudspeaker to talk to passersby and some of them listened with a shocked expression for a long time.

During previous activities, the Braunschweig citizens had tried to keep their distance and showed little interest but things were different on this day! One practitioner said, “I am very touched by the people's reaction. Many people have their own problems but the torture scenes and the organ harvesting re-enactment have obviously touched a nerve. Everybody who stops by is visibly shocked. Some people don't want to go on and they try to find out as much as possible about the crimes of the Chinese regime.”
A journalist from a local radio station talked animatedly for a long time with practitioners and passersby. She told us that she thought our topic was very important and that she had made a point of stopping by, although she needed to prepare for her show tomorrow. She was planning to broadcast the interviews on the following Monday. She interviewed Mr. Wang Wendong from Braunschweig who is afraid of being deported from Germany to China where he may be tortured for his beliefs.

Passersby stop and study the posters Interview with a practitioner

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