Germany: People are Appalled at China’s Inhuman Trade in Illegally Harvested Organs

“What is this?” In the midst of the pedestrian zone, a man in a surgical gown stood behind a bloody operating table. Next to him was a cage, in which a Chinese person was imprisoned. Surrounding it were posters and boards with words of explanation. Pedestrians saw such a scene on May 27th in Hannover. Many came to a standstill, watched and asked questions.

Re-enactment of organ harvesting

“We have exposed the truth about the persecution in China many times, but this time the crowd was larger than ever, and I didn’t have a minute to myself. The people wanted really to know about what is going on in China. They all were highly interested and wanted to know in detail what these scenes were telling them.”

Locals were interested and signed the petition Anti-torture exhibition
German and Chinese Falun Gong practitioners wanted to show people what happens daily in China and what has not been publicised to the public. Locals were shocked and stunned after seeing the gruesome scene: a surgeon bends over a human and takes out organs to be transplanted into someone else. The posters and boards around the scene were trying to expose the unfathomable: organs theft from living Falun Gong practitioners in China. A speaker next to the scene explained the dirty business that is practiced by China concerning organs. The speaker told the onlookers that all this happened in secret and that these Chinese people had no scruples in making a high profit, how these people looked at the victims as capital for profit making and they took these people's life to sell their organs in the booming transplant market. This was a highly organised business. None of the onlookers had ever heard of these atrocities committed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

None of these people had heard of the million of Chinese people who have quit the CCP during the past months. Yes, they had heard about torture and abuse, but seeing the mock scenes with their own eyes was something totally different. “Can you tell me about Falun Gong? Why are they persecuting Falun Gong practitioners? But, this is impossible. What can we do to help?” They stood in front of the information booth and asked questions, signed the petition and praised our actions. At the same time they also heard about the impending deportation of a Chinese person who requested political asylum in Germany. They could understand well his fear of having to return to his homeland.

Many of the passersby stopped, took pictures and wanted answers to their questions. “How can people do such things to other people,” asked an elderly man.

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