Investigation Lead: Live Organ Harvesting in "Treatment Assistance Project" in Shanxi Province, China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been using every means possible to cover up the truth about their persecution against Falun Dafa. The long list of atrocities committed by the CCP includes the live organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. In order to escape responsibility for their offences, the CCP has sped up their actions of harvesting organs from practitioners. After the Sujiatun Concentration Camp for live organ harvesting was exposed, they launched "treatment assistance projects" all over China.

In the social column on page seven of the Shanxi Youth News, it was reported that twenty-five kidney patients received treatment. Correspondent Shi Jinbiao and Li Dianping reported that there were promotional activities in the Taiyuan and Linfen area on May 27th and 28th and that the Chinese Primary Health Care Foundation sponsored them: "Walking into Shanxi, you could see that Kidney Patients Treatment Assistance Projects were assisted by kidney specialists from Beijing". A follow-up report revealed that twenty-five patients received treatment assistance at that time. The list for those receiving kidney transplants would be chosen in ten days. On May 27th, hundreds of kidney patients attended this project located in Sanjin International Hotel's Fenshui Hall on Yingze Street, Taiyuan City. Numerous patients came from all over, and fourteen patients received treatment assistance. Another location was Nankouraodu Grand Hotel on Qingshu Road, Linfen City, where eleven patients received treatment assistance. "When we identified an assistance patient, each of them received an assistance card which was worth one hundred thousand yuan. We have already chosen 25 patients and we will discuss the list for kidney transplants. We will release the results in ten days." The Patient Assistance Centre Director Wu Jichao claimed: "Patient assistance funding is limited and is restricted by the area and the amount of the funding. However, considering the special geographic location of Shanxi, we will hold two more public events like this." They will be held in Shuozhou and Datong on June 3rd and 4th, at 137 Shanyang Street Guibinlou 3rd floor in Shuozhou City and 32 Xinjiannan Road Workers' Cultural Centre in Datong City.

Hotline: 86-10-61592537, 86-351-7886789.


Where are these organs coming from? How are they able to plan these events with such confidence? One cannot help but suspect that the CCP is speeding up the organ harvesting in an attempt to destroy the criminal evidence. We hope that people will expose these criminal acts in order to stop this most horrific persecution!

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