Radio Free Asia: Rescuing Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Xiaoyan

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According to news coverage by Radio Free Asia on June 20th, 2006, as the World Cup was well underway in Germany, the German society is highly concerned about the relentless persecution of Ms. Wang Xiaoyan in China’s Dalian City, whose husband Zhang Zhentong is a student of the Computer Science Department at Leipzig University.

Leipzig City, a famous old town in Germany, is the major city for matches during this World Cup. The match between South Korea and France on Sunday once again attracted tens of thousands of fans from various places in Europe. However, while people are immersed in the fervent atmosphere of the World Cup, Falun Gong practitioner Zhang Zhentong’s wife Ms. Wang Xiaoyan, is persecuted relentlessly in China’s Dalian City. The case has caused a lot of concern to the people of Leipzig at all levels. When interviewed last Sunday, Mr. Zhang Zhentong said that the support is not only from the University, but also from the entire society.

Zhang Zhentong, said, “After knowing my situation, the University’s international student office and the student association have been very concerned about me, and have fully supported me. They initiated a campaign to solicit supporting signatures on the campus. The chairman of the Computer Science Department and other professors also expressed their support for me by signing a petition.”

In this regard, he especially pointed out that the University authorities have sent a letter to the German Chancellor, who is also an alumnus of Leipzig University, to urge her to help rescue Zhang Zhentong. He said that the entire University is very concerned about his wife’s situation, and is very supportive. In the meantime, the case is being highly considered by Leipzig’s ancient churches, which are very famous worldwide.

He added that there are two famous Christian churches in Leipzig City. One of them is St. Thomas’s Church, which is well known all over the world as Johann Sebastian Bach was once a pipe organ player and musical director for the church choir. A popular priest of the church received us at his place. After hearing about the situation, he personally wrote to the Chinese Embassy in Germany to express his concern about the case and called on the Chinese Communist regime to release his wife. The priest announced the case to the audience at a service attended by nearly one thousand people on a Sunday. He also mentioned the persecution against Falun Gong and the incarceration of my wife in China. He urged the audience to help them, and said that St Thomas’s Church will always support them.

To our understanding; the two major newspapers in Leipzig have carried the news about the interview with Zhang Zhentong. They also called on the Chinese regime to stop the persecution against Falun Gong and release Ms. Wang Xiaoyan, so that she is able to come to Germany to re-unite with her husband. The appeal has been spread from Leipzig to various places across Germany, in particular Dalian’s twined city Bremen.

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