UK Bishop and Medical Doctor Condemn the Chinese Communist Party's Organ Harvesting

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More and more people in different organisations in the UK are learning the appalling news of the Chinese Communist Party harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. They are astonished and shocked. They are writing to the non-governmental organsiation Friends of Falun Gong to express their support and concern.

Dr Brennan from the Guild of Catholic Doctors wrote to EFOFG to express his concern about organ harvesting from living people in China. He wrote:

“Thank you for your letter on the appalling subjects of harvesting organs for transplantation from prisoners in China. We happened to have our Council meeting yesterday in London, and we discussed the papers you sent us. It will not surprise you to know that we fully support your efforts in condemning this practice, and we support the British Transplantation Society’s call for a UN and WHO investigation.”

A UK Bishop said: “I have heard before of the distressing accounts of the misuse of organs for transplant from prisoners in China. I am not in the position to investigate these allegations, which the Government of China apparently denies, but I fully share your objections to such practices. I hope that an international investigation will indeed take place.”

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