Germany: Exposing the Chinese Communist Party's Trade in Organs Harvested from Living People

On July 8th and 9th, 2006, Berlin practitioners, with the support of a practitioner from Windeck, near Bonn, erected an information booth to expose the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China. Not only did the practitioners distribute flyers, but they also conducted a re-creation of torture methods used on practitioners and organ harvesting. Practitioners also demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises.

The Berlin activities were planned around the last weekend of the Football World Cup and organised at the location where many people were going to show up. Many people stopped at our information booth on both days. They accepted leaflets, and had at times rather serious discussions with practitioners.

The depiction of organ harvesting shocked people

Practitioners enacted an anti-torture exhibition Many read the information on the information posters carefully

Many people were eager to sign the petition

The re-enactment of organ harvesting and torture methods, as well as the pictures, was an eye-opener for many people. A practitioner explained the situation over a microphone, which also was very effective. All practitioners agreed that this information booth, as organised, had a deep effect on the passing people. The flyers in many different languages were snapped up fast.

Below are some examples of what people shared with us. One young man, the member of a “Young Men’s Political Association” decided to present what he had heard during one of the political meetings of his group.

“Why are you leaving? You should stay longer!”

“You must cover the entire town with your news, more people will learn about the inhuman persecution!”

“All the best!”

“How can human beings do something like this to other humans?”

“My heart is hurting very much when seeing all this. I wish with all my heart that this ends soon.”

Then, something happened involving a Chinese man. This man looked for a while in fascination at the posters depicting the torture pictures, and the re-enactment of the torture scenes. A practitioner approached him, because he appeared to show interest. She offered him leaflets and other materials. Suddenly the man screamed loudly, “All lies, these are all lies! I live in China; something like this does not happen in China. Do you live in China? No! But I live in China. I know for sure that something like this does not happen in China. You are all crazy, all crazy!”

We couldn’t calm the man down. The practitioner asked him why he was so upset. She suggested that he should first find out calmly about the information we had to share with him. Alas, he did not accept any informational material. All the people observed the scene and listened to his ranting, but no one agreed with him.

Then, he crossed the road and stood on the opposite side of the street for a few minutes, observing everything quietly from a distance. Sadly, many years of brainwashing by the Chinese Communist Party has poisoned the mind of the Chinese people. We hope with all our heart that this man will one of these days learn the truth.

Other Chinese people reacted like this and like that. Some took the informational material and some didn’t. Still we hope that more and more Chinese people will accept our leaflets, which simply present the other side of the story.

Many practitioners who participated in this information event gained new insights and sometimes were challenged by incidents. We coordinated well together during the weekend. Practitioners gave a lot, but also received a lot in return.

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