Slovakia: Touring the Country to Mark Seven Years of Persecution

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From the 17th to the 22nd of July, Falun Gong practitioners visited several cities in Slovakia to mark seven years of persecution against Falun Gong by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The tour began in Bratislava on the 14th of July with an organ harvesting re-enactment, which attracted the attention of the national media. The practitioners raised awareness about the recent revelations that the CCP is harvesting living Falun Gong practitioners’ organs for profit before cremating their bodies.

Signing a petition calling for an end to the CCP’s atrocities in Kezmarok and Stara Lubovna

After Bratislava, the practitioners visited Zvolen, Banska Bystrica, Liptovsky Mikulas, Poprad, Kezmarok and Stara Lubovna. The people in these cities got to learn about the peaceful nature of Falun Gong and the benefits that the practice brings, as well as the recently exposed crimes of the Chinese communist regime.

Disapproval of the CCP’s human rights atrocities and open support for practitioners’ efforts to end them was expressed by thousands of people. A petition calling for an end to the persecution of Falun Gong was signed by almost 1,200 people during those six days. In most of the cities, reporters from local newspapers or television stations came to report on the events. Some major media organisations also expressed their support for stopping the persecution.

People coming to find out about Falun Gong and the persecution in Liptovsky Mikulas and Poprad

In Liptovsky Mikulas, one man on the square said to us:” Give me more of the flyers, please! I have to tell others.” A passer-by in Banska Bystrica did not want to take a flyer and just went straight to sign the petititon: “Give it to someone else, please. I already know about you.”

Children were happy, because they received handmade paper lotus flowers. Some of them even started to learn the exercises. In Banska Bystrica and Liptovsky Mikulas, Falun Gong seminars took place and were attended by dozens of people.

Demonstrating Falun Gong exercises in Banska Bystrica Talking to passers by in Zvolen

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