Eighty-Six-Year-Old Man Happily Withdraws from the Chinese Communist Party

On the afternoon of June 22nd, 2006, I was clarifying truth to an elderly man. I asked him whether he was a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) member. He said, "Not only am I a CCP member, I was forced to go to Northeastern China to become a soldier of the CCP when I was only seventeen. I was a platoon leader and later a sergeant of the Security Service. I fought in the Japanese War and the Korean War. My body still has many scars from the wars. Someone like me who has risked my life to fight at the front lines for the CCP has not been given any rewards from the CCP. When I went to places that are in charge of this matter to file a complaint, they all refused to take responsibility. Those officials are extremely corrupt. At each meal they spend over one thousand yuan. One CCP secretary of a village could gain hundreds of thousands of yuan through corruption...."

The elderly man got angrier and angrier as he spoke. I then asked him, "Do you think the CCP is good?" He immediately answered, "Not at all!" I said, "Over eighty million people have died as a direct result of the CCP's political movements since it controlled the government. In recent years it also secretly established concentration camps to take Falun Dafa practitioners' organs when they were still alive, in order to make huge profits. Then they cremate the bodies to eliminate the evidence. Have you ever heard of such a shocking massacre?"

The elderly man began to nod at me even before I started to speak. He said, "I believe your words. The CCP is capable of committing any and every type of evil. The brutality is beyond imagination. In 1989, I witnessed with my own eyes the Tian'anmen Massacre. The CCP used tanks to crush those young students who were protesting corruption. The blood from the students truly was flowing like a river. The tanks were crushing in the front, while the bulldozers followed, scooping up the bodies. Then they hosed the square down to wash away the evidence. It was simply too brutal. If I did not witness all these with my own eyes, such things would be hard to believe. I am eighty-six this year. When I was a soldier, the CCP was fighting the foreigners. Now it even has lifted the murder weapon towards our Chinese people and turned its guns towards our own people. The CCP has done extremely bad things."

I commented, "The CCP is guilty for so much evil and has reached the point of elimination by heaven, even if not by people. Those who understand this have withdrawn from the CCP. We call this to be 'securing a good future by withdrawing from the CCP'. Would you also like to withdraw from the CCP?" He immediately answered, "Who said that I would not withdraw from the CCP? Today I must withdraw from it, withdraw completely to have a good future."

Then I made a name for him and told him, "Please remember Falun Dafa is great, Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is great." The elderly man stood up and shook my hand. With a smile on his face, he said, "Falun Dafa is great. Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is great."

"Even If the CCP Has Already Killed You, It Still Would Use You to Glorify Itself"

Several days ago, I met a Chinese person at a friend's dinner party. I heard from my friend that this Chinese person is arrogant. My friend also reminded me to be cautious when I spoke to her.

Fortunately, she came over to greet me politely. We naturally came to the topic of the current situation in China. I said to her with a smile, "Look, in the recent one hundred years, our Chinese people first chased away the Eight-Nation Allied Invasion, then we chased away the Japanese invaders, but ignorantly welcomed the evil CCP spectre from the Westerners Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin. Since China became a colony of the evil CCP spectre in 1949, the CCP put class struggle as a top priority and stirred up people inside and outside of the CCP to kill each other. According to a rough estimate, from one movement to another, it has caused eighty million people to die unnatural deaths. The flesh and blood from these eighty million Chinese people have formed the Great Wall of the evil CCP spectre. Such evil continues today. Inside of China, there are still incidents happening such as forced transplanting of Falun Gong practitioners' organs when they are still alive. I wonder how many Chinese people's flesh and blood could be enough to satisfy the appetite of this evil wolf?"

Upon hearing this, she was shocked and said, "It is so true. I used to work for the Central Government's CCP School. I never thought of this issue. Even when the CCP has already killed you, it still would use you to glorify itself."

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