Three Stories of People in China Coming to Realise the Truth About Falun Dafa

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Story One

A new colleague, Xiao Zhang, was recently transferred to Xiao Yu’s workplace. Xiao Zhang is candid, enthusiastic, and pure-minded. Due to the lack of contact, Xiao Yu didn’t have the opportunity to clarify the facts about Falun Gong and the truth behind the persecution to Xiao Zhang.

One day Xiao Zhang took the initiative to talk with Xiao Yu, and then Xiao Yu clarified the truth to her by chatting about spiritual beliefs. Unexpectedly, Xiao Zhang said, "If I believed in anything, I would believe in Falun Gong!" In surprise Xiao Yu asked why.

"Since my childhood, I have been seeing and hearing the hypocrisy, nastiness and degeneracy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)," Xiao Zhang explained. "They are worse than criminal gangs, so I refused to join that wicked party." "Why are you so resolute in thinking that Falun Gong is good?" asked Xiao Yu. Xiao Zhang continued, "It is very simple. I know the CCP so well, but Falun Gong is different from them. So Falun Gong must be good!"

In a short period of 20 minutes, Xiao Zhang learned the truth of Dafa (Falun Dafa - more precisely 'Great Law') from Xiao Yu, and happily accepted the suggestion to quit the CCP’s affiliated organizations and, moreover, she insisted on using her true name to do it.

Story Two

Before July 1st, a Falun Dafa practitioner went to clarify the truth in Zhucheng Market. The people around him discussed what he said afterward.

One young woman said, "In our village the party members must go to meetings every night, and they are forbidden to quit the party. Now, it is very easy to join the party with just a signature."

A middle-aged man added, "It looks like the CCP is going to collapse."

Story Three

In a village near Jilin City, a practitioner was forced to leave home in the persecution.

One day this Dafa practitioner came back home to get some clothing and was seen by the villagers who were assigned to monitor his home. The villagers were told to report in as soon as the Dafa practitioner appeared and that they would be rewarded for doing so.

Instead of reporting the Dafa practitioner, they went to his home and told them the situation and helped to keep eyes out for the police. The people in the village all know that Dafa is good.

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