Austria: “Art for Human Rights"

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From June 1st to the June 14th, 2006, the International “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” Art Exhibition made a special showing in the Eisinger Gallery and the Raiffeisen Bank in the town of Gloggnitz.

The gallery, which is also a bookstore, was a different kind of exhibition venue for us. Also, the bank opened new opportunities to reach people and let them hear about the true situation in China.

The opening speeches were given by the Bank’s chairman, Komerzialrat (commercial council) Karl Kloucek and the town’s cultural attaché Franz Steiner, as well as Ms. Melanie Fleck, VP of the Arts and Cultural Society ARS CARA

At the private view, there was a sumptuous buffet, music, and music performances calling for human rights in China, as well as a discussion about the paintings by a Falun Gong practitioner.

A practitioner guides the many interested visitors through the exhibition

Below are some comments the visitors wrote in the guest book:

“We hope that this exhibition effects more peace and tolerance in this world.”

“We hope that your message will be spread by all people who attended this exhibition!” - Karl Kloucek

“I’m leaving this excellent exhibition deeply impressed!” - Cultural Attaché Franz Steiner

Two large media articles about the art exhibition in Gloggnitz were published, which contained the following sentence, “We hope that this exhibition will finally open the eyes of many people!”

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