Austria: Art Exhibition in the Kuenburg of Payerbach

On June 16th, 2006, the Austrian Arts and Cultural Exchange Society ARS CARA opened the 7th International “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” Art Exhibition in Austria. This time the exhibition was held at the Kuenburg Art Centre in Payerbach.

The opening ceremony was held in a dignified atmosphere with musical accompaniment. The speakers were Mr. Peter Pasa, Mayor of Payerbach and Magistrate Leopold, the representative of the International Society for Human Rights and the VP of ARS CARA, Melanie Fleck.

The VP of the Art and Cultural Society “ARS CARA” performed the opening evening duties at the exhibition

Here is an excerpt of Mayor Peter Pasa’s speech:

"What cannot or can hardly ever be accomplished through politics has to be achieved with the arts. The artists and intellectuals have to take over the task to continuously bring out the fact that human rights are trampled on with the feet in China (and we are talking here about around 100 million humans).

"Dear ladies and gentlemen, we in Payerbach can also contribute a little to achieve the end to the human rights violations in China. Please look at these paintings. Take your time. Every painting represents a story, a story that happened in that country China and continues as we speak. These paintings tell you more than all the media in the world has told you!”

Mr. Peter Pasa, the Mayor of Payerbach is greeting the guests. He is happy that Payerbach can contribute to the betterment of the human rights situation in China

All forty paintings of the traveling art exhibition could be seen in Kuenburg. These paintings describe the true situation very effectively and with deep lasting effect. Many visitors came from the surrounding area to hear that evening the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

The series of paintings were presented through four different themes. This gave the onlookers a deep impression of Falun Gong, its practitioners and the inhuman persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But, at the same they represent the hope that this red wall is already showing cracks, just as the painting going under that name, by artist Zhang Kunlun. Besides, many of the paintings imply that good is rewarded with good and evil is rewarded with evil.

Magistrate Leopold gives a speech as the representative of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR)

Entries in the guest book:

“I wish the ARS CARA Society all the patience and perseverance needed to bring the Austrians closer to the fundamental things of life – “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance!” Thanks you for the impressive exhibition, Mayor Peter Pasa.

“Very arousing…very depressing…very honest…! The fight against injustice and repression must continue!”

“Thank you for the exhibition! We wish that peace, forgiveness, and compassion will enter the consciousness of this planet.”

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