A Group of Practitioners I Keep Thinking About

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After the evidence of organ-harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners was disclosed to the world, I was reminded of a group of practitioners who were taken to a mental hospital by the police at the end of 1999. There were at least twenty of them from all over the country. Where are they today? How are they?

Near the end of 1999, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was rampantly defaming Falun Gong. Many Dafa practitioners went to Beijing to speak about the facts of Falun Dafa to the central government leaders. However, agents from the local public security bureau blocked the appeals offices, which were established to provide the people an avenue to communicate with the government, and made them into a place to arrest people instead. When we found we had no other way to appeal to the government, many Dafa practitioners came together peacefully at Tiananmen Square. We hoped that by our doing so, the government leaders would decide to pay attention to us and acknowledge our legal right to be heard.

Right then, police officers shoved three practitioners into the trunk of a car. Very soon thereafter, two buses appeared, and the Falun Gong practitioners were loaded into them. I expected that sooner or later a government leader would arrive to make enquiries about us, so I was surprised when we were abruptly taken far away and put in jail. In this way, we were all put into jails without proper legal procedures. Anyone who gave the police their name and address was taken away by their local policemen stationed in Beijing. Those of us who refused to identify ourselves were detained. [Note: due to the CCP's policy of implicating and persecuting Dafa practitioners' family members and work units, practitioners often do not reveal their names or addresses when they are arrested.]

One day, more than a dozen practitioners from the cell next to ours were verbally abused and beaten by prisoners all day long; the police instigated the prisoners to do so. The next day, their cell appeared to be empty. I later learned that they had been sent to a mental hospital.

The following day we were taken away in police vehicles. They told us they were taking us to the hospital to have feeding tubes inserted into our stomachs. At the time we didn't know why the police were so afraid witnesses would see us; they made us all squat inside the vehicle, saying that it was no good for outsiders to see us. We told them, "We haven't violated the law, and we aren't afraid that people will see us." Then I told them, "We all have good jobs and families. If Dafa isn't good, why would we risk losing those things and pay our own way to come and appeal for Dafa?" They nodded their heads in silence.

The vehicles drove into a courtyard. On the wall of the grey building directly opposite the front door, there were big red Chinese characters that said, "Mental Hospital." Our vehicle stopped at the back of the grey building to the right of the door. There were lots of weeds around the entrance that led to some stairs. There was thick rust on the stairs leading to the second floor. From there they took the Dafa practitioners upstairs.

After the vehicle stopped, a policeman told me to get out, saying that it wasn't too late to tell them my address. "You go upstairs and see how they are suffering." It was then that I realised that the missing Dafa practitioners from the next cell had all been brought to this place. I said, "I was thinking about giving my address when the police came to bring us here."

It was then that I saw practitioners being tied by their arms one after another by a group of people in white gowns. They were all being dragged upstairs to the second floor. After a while two policemen came out and the vehicle started. When the vehicle starting to move I was worried and asked them, "How come you started the vehicle? They haven't come out yet!" They said, "When they come out again they'll need to sleep for at least for three to five days. Each of them will have three different kinds of medicine poured down their throats, and as a result they'll throw up all over the beds and the floor. It's really disgusting."

I was shocked. How could a normal person tolerate medication for mental health patients being poured down his throat? If I hadn't been there myself I wouldn't believe that the Chinese Communist Party could do things like that. This wasn't something that a policeman would dare to do on his own.

I reported these evil deeds of severe persecution to the departments of the central government, the People's Congress in different provinces, the People's Congress in different cities, and China Central Television, appealing to them to stop the persecution. However, Jiang Zemin and his group and the Chinese Communist Party wouldn't listen to any of my compassionate advice.

After the Sujiatun incident was disclosed to the outside world, I kept thinking about these practitioners who'd been sent to the mental hospital. If they refused to report their addresses and names, what had been done to them? Their families didn't know their whereabouts. Are they being persecuted at Sujiatun or at any of the CCP's other concentration camps?

I wrote this article to tell the people of the world that the Chinese Communist Party commits any evil act it wants to. We should know its evil nature well enough to recognise that we must join in the efforts to stop the atrocities and end the persecution of Dafa practitioners.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2006/6/2/129427.html

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