A Young Practitioner's Sharing on Memorising the Falun Gong Teachings

I began practising Falun Dafa with my mother when I was 7 years old. At that time, while my mother did the Falun Dafa exercises at the practice site, I played outside. Once in a while, I would also do the tranquil exercises with other practitioners. I had a vague idea about what cultivation was. I knew that Teacher was great and powerful and that Falun Dafa was good. Other than that, I did not read or learn the Falun Gong teachings - Fa.

As I got older, I started reading Zhuan Falun under my mother's lead. The moment I began reading, I felt very good and comfortable. However, my Fa-study ceased because my mother was illegally arrested and detained for her steadfast belief in Falun Dafa.

In the summer before I went to junior high school, I took out Zhuan Falun and read it again. However, I stopped learning the Fa for almost a year because of the increasing stress at school. In the second year of junior high school, I began to memorise Zhuan Falun with my mother's encouragement. Although I had learnt the Fa passively in the past and have sometimes faced a lot of stress at school, I have persisted in memorising the Fa.

At first, the progress of memorising Zhuan Falun was very slow. I could only memorise one section per day. I continued memorising the Fa at this pace until I had to take the high school entrance exam. By that time, I had finished memorising the first six lectures in the book. In the fourteen days before the exam results would be publicised, I recited the Fa day and night at home and was able to finish reciting all nine lectures. This was my first time reciting Zhuan Falun from start to finish. After memorising the Fa for two weeks, I found out that I passed the entrance exam to go to high school.

In our family, my father is the only one who is not supportive of our cultivation. Therefore, in that fourteen days, my mother sent forth righteous thoughts to restrain any evil factors that manipulated my father from disturbing my reciting the Fa. As a result, my father returned home only once within that fourteen days and so he did not interrupt my reciting the Fa. It was merciful encouragement by Teacher.

There was some severe interference that tried to disrupt my memorising the Fa. When it came to the section "A Clear and Clean Mind," my mind wasn't calm at all. Odd thoughts continuously appeared in my mind and disturbed me from memorising. I tried to repress them while at the same time I sent forth righteous thoughts to clean the field. I asked for Teacher's help to strengthen my righteous thoughts.

I experienced severe interference again when I began to recite Zhuan Falun for the second time. Even after reciting the Fa for a long time, I still felt empty-headed as though I had not memorised that much of the book. Therefore, I stopped before I finished reciting the second lecture. However, when I tried to just read the book, I realised that my mind was unstable and my thoughts would wander off. So I decided to continue reciting the Fa again.

Reciting the Fa is very good. It allows you to learn the Fa at all times and have a deeper understanding. When reciting the Fa, only by having a pure mind can one be able to memorise the book. I benefited a lot from reciting the Fa. Do not think about the previous section that you have just memorised when reciting the current one. It will reduce the reciting effect. Also do not get anxious or have any other thoughts when coming to a longer section. Before memorising the Fa, send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the karma and any interference from your mind, and don't let anything interrupt you mid-way.

I have now recited Zhuan Falun for the third time. I can recite several sections together. I have experienced many great benefits. I urge those practitioners who have not started reciting the Fa to hurry up and do it, don't put it off.

As a young practitioner, sometimes I need to be encouraged by the adults as I am sometimes too fond of having fun and am not diligent in learning the Fa. Sometimes, I have a vague idea about cultivation, validating the Fa and saving sentient beings and will simply follow the arrangements made by the adults. Therefore, I hope the adults do not ignore the young practitioners' Fa-study and cultivation. Please urge the young practitioners to learn the Fa more, and to walk every step diligently on their cultivation paths. It will help them to become true Falun Dafa disciples.

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