More Information on the Death of Practitioner Mr. Zhang Zhong of Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

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On August 10th, 2006, nineteen Dafa practitioners were arrested, detained and persecuted in Nangang Detention Centre by various parties, including officers from the Nangang precinct of the Harbin police. A few days later, one of the detainees, Zhang Zhong, was tortured to the brink of death and later sent to Harbin Police Hospital for further "treatment." He died in October as a result.

The Harbin Police Hospital did not inform Zhang Zhong's immediate family members of his death. Instead, the news was passed to his family by Daqing Prison on October 16th. On receiving the news, Zhang's aged father travelled to Harbin Hospital from Daqing and requested to see his son's body. However, his request was rejected with the excuse that the hospital would first examine the body and then contact the family. A few days later, the family went to the hospital again, but never returned. No news was heard from them and no one knew their whereabouts.

Zhang Zhong was a Dafa practitioner who died at the age of 36. A university graduate, he was gentle, scholarly and well-mannered. From information gathered, he was kind, helpful to his colleagues, and a dedicated Falun Gong practitioner. As a man of principle, he has been one of the victims since Jiang Zemin nationalised the persecution in 1999. A year after his marriage, both he and his wife were arrested and imprisoned in different locations.

Last year Zhang Zhong managed to escape from imprisonment while his wife was still in prison. As he had lost his job during confinement, he wandered about, working here and there on odd jobs to support himself. The family was not allowed to visit him during captivity. Now that he is dead, they still won't allow the family to claim the body.

There is a series of unanswered questions about the motives of the authorities. The family has not requested the body to be autopsied, but the authorities insisted that they had to open the body up for "examination."

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