Slovakia: David Kilgour Informs MPs from the Slovak Parliament about Organ Harvesting in China

On Monday 20th November, David Kilgour, former Canadian State Secretary (Asia Pacific), visited Slovakia in order to inform its representatives about his investigation into organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in Chinese prisons.

In the morning he met with the leadership of the Committee for human rights, other minorities and the women of the Slovak parliament in Bratislava. During the subsequent press conference for the Slovak media attended by both Slovak press agencies and national TV, he said that according to his report it is the source of the 41.500 organ transplantations in China during the years 2000-2005.

In one reported case a thirty-five year old man in Shanghai people’s hospital No. 1 said, “I was offered four kidney transplants, which did not match my blood type and antigens, so the transplantation couldn’t be performed. Three months later I was offered another transplant, which was a match and it was duly transplanted”. His doctor, Dr. Tan, openly told the man that these organs came from executed prisoners and that at least one of these organs was removed secretly without donor approval. Mr. Kilgour said he is sure that some of these organs came from Falun Gong practitioners.

The Vice President of the committee, Frantisek Miklosko stated, with regard to the report, that “If the conclusions of the report are true, the proper name to what is happening in China is genocide“. Mrs. Gabaniova was alarmed by the existence of database of people, who are sentenced to organ removal by a doctor in hospital, which she qualified “as an especially inhuman act, suppressing the individuality of the person”.

The chairman of the committee, Laszlo Nagy will inform the Slovak Foreign Minister about the facts from the report and he will inform him about the steps, which the Slovak government should be taking with regard to human right abuses in China.“

In the afternoon Mr. Kilgour gave a lecture entitled “The worst crimes of communism today – organ harvesting in China”, where he informed about fifty participants of all ages about the results of his report.

Slovakia is the 23rd country in which David Kilgour informed its representatives about the conclusions of his report. In the coming days he will visit Austria, Italy, Ireland and other European countries.

Left: David Kilgour speaks during an interview Right: Frantisek Miklosko, Darina Gabaniova, Laszlo Nagyand David Kilgour at the press conference

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