Do Not Become Attached to Personal Understandings

If cultivators are obsessed with human principles, then they position themselves at the same level as everyday people and often get stuck in situations where there seems to be no way out. If we want to become gods, we must require higher standards for ourselves, assimilate ourselves to the principles taught in Falun Gong, the Fa, and let go of our human attachments.

No matter how high a level a cultivator has achieved, he can only see the manifestations at that level. Some understandings at a certain level may be right, but if we are obsessed with such understandings we may not be able to elevate ourselves. At this time, Falun Dafa disciples have cultivated to rather high levels and have each enlightened to different understandings. If we are attached to our own understandings, we not only cannot improve ourselves, but we also fail to coordinate with each other as one body. One of the fundamental reasons that the old forces are eliminated is that they are attached to their own understandings and cannot position themselves well in the Fa-rectification.

We should keep in mind that only doing things in accordance with the Fa is correct. The Fa remains unchanged and is the absolute righteous principle. Studying the Fa with calm minds is the fundamental way to improve ourselves.

If we get stuck at one level, that is often the result of our attachment to zealotry and showing off. We should have strict requirements for ourselves and not leave any loopholes for the evil to exploit.

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