Belgian Senator Investigates the CCP's Trade in Harvested Organs and Calls for Legislation to Punish these Crimes

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According to a report in the Epoch Times, on November 27th, 2006, all mainstream Belgian media reported the investigation made by the Belgian Liberal Party senator, Mr. Patrik Vankrunkelsven, regarding the CCP organ removals, as well as the appalling evidence he obtained.

Senator Vankrunkelsven giving a speech at the seminar on the “Ethical Issues of Organ Transplantation”

Senator Vankrunkelsven gives an interview regarding stopping the CCP organ removals

On the evening of November 27th, Prof. Vincent Donckier, the president of the Belgian Transplant Association, chaired a seminar on the “Ethical Issues of Organ Transplantation” held in Brussels’ Hospital Erasme. In the press release, the Belgian Transplant Association explicitly pointed out that the association firmly opposes this kind of organ trade which violates basic ethical and moral principles.

At the seminar, having listened the two Canada investigators’ report on the CCP organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners, Mr. Vankrunkelsven, the Belgian senator and also a doctor, expressed that, Belgium should legislate to ban any form of “organ transplanting tours abroad”, and prosecute those persons who go to these countries like China for organ transplant surgery.

He introduced that, recently, he pretended to be a patient needing a kidney transplant and phoned two hospitals in Beijing. The other party told him that he could receive the transplant surgery in a few weeks as long as he would make a payment of 50,000 euros, and all the organs are guaranteed coming from about twenty years old young people who are being detained in prisons. One of the two hospitals even indicated that they can register him with a fake Chinese name and address. “So it seems it is not very difficult to obtain the evidence”, Mr. Vankrunkelsven said, “They told me, it is a good time if you can come over before the February 18th, the Chinese New Year ... during the Chinese New Year, we need to clear up our jails”.

Mr. Vankrunkelsven’s investigation further confirms that the investigations made by the two Canadian investigators on the CCP’s organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners are true. The reporter from the Epoch Times specially interviewed Mr. Vankrunkelsven regarding this issue; the following is the content of the interview.

Reporter: How do you know the facts of the CCP’s organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners?
Mr. Vankrunkelsven: the person in charge of the Organ Transplanting Centre at Leuven University went to Boston in July this year to attend the World Organ Transplant Conference, he met Falun Gong practitioners who were holding a protest there, he was shocked by the things narrated by Falun Gong practitioners. After he got back, he phoned me and asked me to do something. I had been moved and thought to stop this using this approach.

Reporter: what exactly is the legislation on organ transplanting issues you mentioned?

Mr. Vankrunkelsven: My idea is to constrain those Belgian people who go to China and seek organ transplants, through the legislation; they will be prosecuted after they get back to Belgium from China, because we think that this kind of behaviour is not tolerable. We can not condone obtaining organs from execution or missing persons in China.

Reporter: should those who encourage patients to go to China for this purpose also be prosecuted by law?
Mr. Vankrunkelsven: those collaborators of this criminality should also be prosecuted. I hope other countries can also make legislation in this aspect.

Reporter: have you already started to draft the law articles?

Mr. Vankrunkelsven: We have already started to draft them, but they also need further discussions with the legal public figures and other congressmen. We will release a detailed document in a few weeks.

Reporter: what procedure has to go through after the draft law article are released?

Mr. Vankrunkelsven: We must seek the support of the majority MPs in the parliament. I thought that, if this law is implements in Belgium, it will also be a stimulus to other European countries. They may also enact similar law.

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