Study the Fa Well, Cultivate Well, and Clarify the Truth Well

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I previously had a very bad temper and wasn't willing to follow the rules. I frequently fought with my husband over trivial matters and I'd often threaten him with divorce. Even my parents were uncomfortable with my behaviour and frequently berated me. After I started practising Falun Dafa, I learnt that the only standard for measuring good or bad is Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, and nothing else. Teacher told us, "If your temper is not good, you should change it, for a practitioner must be tolerant." ( Zhuan Falun)

After continually studying the Falun Gong teachings, the Fa, my bad temper improved. Every time I was about to lose my temper I managed to control myself. As I had more and more of Teacher's Fa in my mind, kindness and compassion became more deeply rooted in my heart. The unrighteous factors became fewer and fewer, and over the last eight years I've never fought with my husband. Only three times have I rebuked him for our child's sake, and each time I did I immediately realised that I wasn't following the principals of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance, and apologised to him. How lucky I am because I can realise my mistakes and correct them right away.

Before I obtained the Fa, my relationship with my colleagues was very tense. I thought nobody was good enough, and I argued with my colleagues all the time. It was exactly as Teacher described,

"Therefore, he competes and fights all his life with a badly-wounded heart. He might feel very bitter and tired, always finding things unfair. Being unable to eat or sleep well, he feels sad and disappointed. When he gets older, he will end up in poor health and all kinds of illnesses will surface." (Zhuan Falun)

After I obtained the Fa I strictly followed the principals of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance in all of my affairs. I'm always kind to others and consider things from their point of view. I do my best to improve my relationships with my coworkers. Every morning I go to work early to clean the office, and I help others when they clean it. All my colleagues like me.

Once, while our office building was being refurbished, we had to use the second floor lady's room, which was always locked. I went to one of my colleagues to get the key to the lady's room. She asked me, "Didn't the head of the administration office give you a key?" When I told her I didn't have one, she replied, "You can't use mine, you have to get one for yourself!" So I had to go to the administration office to get a key. If this had happened before I became a practitioner, I would have hated her and tried to get revenge. I knew I should look inward when I encounter a conflict. I thought I might not have treated her well, and that I should be kinder to her in the future. I wasn't angry or resentful with her. Now I'm her supervisor, and I always treat her well.

In my work, I kept cultivating myself according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance to remove my bad attitudes and behaviours, so I gained the recognition of the company leaders and my colleagues. My yearly evaluation score keeps improving. All this is due to the huge improvements I've made by practising Falun Gong.

In 2003 our company began a cycle of reform, and all the employees had to compete for positions. Because I had a lot of experience and ability, I was better qualified than anyone else for the post of department manager. Even our former company president had announced in a small conference that I would be the manager, but when we started filling out the application forms the section director scheduled a conference with me and told me straightforwardly that I shouldn't apply for the position because someone else was after it. He told me that I shouldn't compete for it, and if I did I wouldn't even get my current position. He even told me that I shouldn't hate him because he had no choice.

I had no idea what was happening. I felt a little resentful, but I immediately realised that I'm a Falun Gong practitioner. For me, every problem is a test. I told him, "If that's the case, please don't worry. I won't compete for it. I'm a Falun Gong practitioner and I'll obey my Teacher's teachings. I'll give up my attachment to fame and benefit and won't behave like an ordinary person. I'm not angry with you, either. I thank you for providing me with this test and helping me improve. Without this opportunity I wouldn't be able to be calm the next time I'm confronted with a conflict over fame and benefit." I also took the opportunity to clarify the truth to him, and he accepted what I said. Later, when I advised him to withdraw from the Communist Party, he did so happily. He even spoke up for Falun Gong at key moments.

One afternoon in the winter of 2004 some local policemen came to our company and tried to take me away with them. The Communist Party secretary of our section told me, "When they ask you if you still practise Falun Gong, just tell them you don't practise anymore." But when I met them I said, "I've benefited physically and spiritually from practising Falun Gong. I can't lie about it because I conduct myself according to the principals of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance." At that moment my heart was very calm and I had no fear. I felt that I was a giant with only one thought, to let them learn the truth.

Later the company leaders invited them to have dinner, looking for a way to keep them from taking me away. I thought I should eat well, so I'd have more energy to clarify the truth. All the while I was silently reciting Teacher's lectures, "Real Cultivation," "The Awakened One," "Nothing Kept," "What's to Fear," "Severing," "The Knowing Heart," etc. I believed what Teacher said, "...just by having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)")

At that moment, I understood that if I had to go with them, my purpose was to clarify the truth to them, so as to reduce the persecution that Falun Gong practitioners suffer. On our ride to the police station I saw that a policewoman in the car was very cold. I covered her legs with my coat. She smiled and said, "Thanks. You're so kind, why do you have to say that you practise Falun Gong?" I told her that I'm kind because I practise Falun Gong. I wasn't like that before. Then I told her the truth about Falun Gong.

I thought, "If I have go, I must make sure that they are clear on the facts first," so I told them how I'd benefited by practising Falun Gong, the truth about the Tiananmen Self Immolation Incident, the persecution during the Cultural Revolution, and the principal of karmic retribution. Then I told them that Jiang Zemin contrived the persecution of Falun Gong with money and power, but we Falun Gong practitioners are clarifying the truth with all our hearts and limitless energy, and intense pressure can't change our minds. The time will come when all people know the truth. Then it will be too late for regret. As I clarified the truth I picked up cigarette butts from the floor so they would feel the beauty of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. They told me, "You're so kind. Why do you have to say you practise Falun Gong? Why can't you say that you're born to be kind or that you practise some other type of qigong?" I replied, "No, I became a good person only after I began to practise Falun Gong. Teacher taught me to be a good person, an even better person. As a human being, I should be thankful. If I was saved yet deny my rescuer, am I human?"

A few hours later they told me, "You see all those people in that room? They came to speak on your behalf." I replied, "After I began to practise Falun Gong I became a good person, and everyone I work with likes me. Were it otherwise there would be nobody to help me!" A political instructor said, "Okay, okay! My boss told us to let you go to avoid causing problems with your future. We were told that you are excellent in your work. We also want to have a good future. Someday, we might need your help."

I shook hands with them and we said goodbye to each other. A deputy section director told me, "Sister, please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you." After we'd talked for so long, their ferocious faces had been transformed by their smiles.

I was very happy for them because they'd learnt the truth. Indeed, they all have another side that understands the truth, though they have to follow orders. They told me that they wondered why every Falun Gong practitioner they come in contact with believes Falun Gong is good, and why Jiang Zemin won't let them practise. They said they are gradually forming their own understandings.

After I got home I learnt that many Falun Gong practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts for me all night to help me overcome the persecution. After this experience I understood that as long as I conduct myself by following the Fa, Teacher will protect me and I'll be safe. I also learnt how important it is to clarify the truth to the police. They are sentient beings that need to be saved. Meanwhile, when they learn the truth, the intensity of the persecution will be diminished.

Please kindly point out anything improper!

* * *

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