Outcome Ensues from One's Thoughts

In my cultivation practise, I've encountered numerous incidents where my thoughts at the moment determined the outcome of the matter. Strong righteous thoughts brought about a positive outcome. Any deviation from the principles taught in Falun Gong, the Fa, would have resulted in negative consequences.

In 2001, during the height of the persecution, I often thought about what I should do if I happened to be illegally arrested. I thought of different scenarios in my head. If this happened, I would prepare for it this way: How to get out? How to contact my family members? If the authorities questioned me, how should I respond, etc. I actually did some preparation. The result? I got what I "asked" for. Somebody told the police that I distributed materials revealing the Chinese Communist Party's lies. Police from the local station illegally arrested me. I didn't cooperate with their interrogation. I told them I needed to use the restroom and managed to get out of the police station. Since then, I had to wander around homeless to avoid further persecution. Looking back, if I faced the police in a dignified and upright manner and denied the accusation, I probably could of walked out of there easily. Later, I found out that the police indeed didn't have any evidence against me. They arrested me so they could get some monetary bonus. Since my heart was not on the Fa, the persecution was a result of the old forces taking advantage of the gaps in my own thoughts.

I boarded a bus heading to another city. On the bus, I thought to myself, that although I had to leave home, I must return by a certain time. So many sentient beings in my hometown still needed to know the truth about Dafa and be saved. I needed to go to this city first, where I could share experiences with a fellow practitioner and perform my tasks to let more people learn the truth. With this righteous thought, I bought a sleeping berth ticket even though there was a shortage of tickets. On the train, police were checking people's IDs. I didn't have one. I had one thought at the time: Teacher probably would help me out. Since that was the first time I ran into such a situation, and my cultivation was not very solid, my heart was pounding with nervousness. Even in this situation, Teacher protected me. Since I thought of Teacher, the police checked people from neighbouring sections, but didn't check mine.

Under Teacher's help and protection, I arrived in the city and found the practitioner. But I heard that she was also reported to the police. She said, "You can stay with me. If they come to arrest me, we'll say that you're..." A few days later, she was really arrested. Due to my attachment to fear, I was also arrested. Just like that, our notion led to the persecution. Later, this practitioner was sentenced to three years in prison and passed away during medical parole.

Even when I was in prison, I still believed that I would go back to my hometown by a certain date. As a result, with Teacher's arrangement, I was sent back to my hometown by the police. But I was still detained at the local detention centre. I didn't cooperate with the police. During the interrogation, I told the police how my physical and spiritual condition improved greatly after practising Falun Dafa, and why the practice is good. I also held a very strong thought: I needed to get out before a certain date. Later on, I was released unconditionally. I heard some "insider news" that they decided to release me on the date I set myself. On the release date, the person from my work unit who was sent to pick me up, shook my hand. Yet this person scolded another practitioner, who is from the same work unit and was released on the same date. This practitioner wrote many "guarantee statements" (guarantee not to practise or have anything to do with Falun Dafa any more) and many "self-criticism letters." Looking back, I think I had an insufficient understanding of the Fa at the time. Otherwise, we should not acknowledge the persecution. The police should not "illegally arrest" practitioners.

This experience made me realise that practitioners can have their wishes fulfilled. The fulfilment was a result of our thoughts and hearts. If we don't have a righteous mind, the fulfilment would be controlled by old forces. They would use our attachments as an excuse for the persecution. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"There is a principle in our universe that normally other people cannot interfere with whatever one pursues and wants for oneself. The animal takes advantage of this loophole, 'If he wants something, I'll supply him. It isn't wrong for me to help him, is it?'"

When our hearts are pure and on the Fa, we can also have our wishes fulfilled, as Teacher has said, "When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide." ( Hong Yin II, "The Master-Disciple Bond") In this situation, Teacher can help us with everything.

I wanted to write an experience sharing article for a long time, but was blocked by my own notions such as: I acted so badly in this situation and this stage of my cultivation, what could I write about? Now I realised that if every practitioner thinks like this, how could we share experiences? How could we "Focus on how you study and cultivate?" Even if we just have one thing to share, even if what we write about could help only one practitioner, we should still write the article. We just need to write it down. No matter whether the article is posted on the website or not, it will shake the evil in other dimensions.

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