Information and Suggestions for the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong

Recently, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) conducted a comprehensive investigation into all personnel who have served in the army. Why did the CCP put so much effort into this investigation? I think that one reason is that the CCP is facing domestic and foreign troubles, and in order to save itself from its doom, it is going to mobilise its army personnel and civilian population. Another reason could be that it is looking for the senior medical officers who are capable of providing evidence of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. Might it be that the CCP thinks that those senior medical officers present a security risk? To my knowledge, this is the first time that the CCP has conducted an investigation of this sort on such a large scale, and its purpose must be suspect.

I was in the army and was also investigated recently. A thought suddenly appeared in my mind: why was I in the army? Why are there (Falun) Dafa practitioners everywhere, in every social level and in all different occupations? This must be for us to have great influence during this special historical period.

When I was in the military, I served in different units, and I got to know some classified military secrets. I discovered that almost every branch in the army has covert underground fortifications and aerial-defence tunnels.

This is what I worry about the most. In the beginning of the persecution, the CCP used mostly armed police to arrest and persecute Dafa practitioners. Only a small amount of field army and regular army participated. But right now, the CCP may start using the regular army, in order to cover up the truth, avoid investigation into the persecution, and secretly murder people in order to destroy evidence. If it directly uses the army to capture and kill practitioners, it could be carried out in a large scale. The CCP army has blockhouses, as well as deep and long tunnels in Daxing'anling and Xiaoxing'anling, which were used during the wars. When there is no war, these blockhouses and tunnels are covered by vegetation. When I was a soldier, I had done the covering myself. The blockhouses and tunnels were constructed using reinforced concrete. These tunnels could easily hold eight or ten thousand people. The tunnels are difficult to see in the thick forest. Also, as they are covered by vegetation, it is difficult to discover them without previous knowledge of them.

Not only Daxingan'ling and Xiaoxing'anling in Heilongjiang Province have tunnels and underground fortifications, other army units have them as well. If the CCP uses the army instead of the police to transfer Dafa practitioners, it will be even more difficult to disclose information regarding these activities. In the army, information is usually strictly blocked. If it is a special operation, the secrecy surrounding it is even more strict. Also, the CCP uses the army however it wants to. The army is like a gun: it doesn't recognise good from evil, but just does its task mechanically, just as they were used in the June 4th Tiananmen Massacre.

When the army transfers captured people, they have a special kind of railroad train called a closed-jar train. The people are stuffed inside each compartment of the train. People inside cannot see outside, and people outside can't tell what's inside. Viewed from the outside, the trains look as if they are transporting goods.

If the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG) is able to go to China and to investigate, and if in normal places where practitioners are arrested—such as jails, detention centres, and forced-labour camps―they find no or few practitioners, then it might be that the practitioners have been moved by the CCP to the hidden military installations.

Moreover, the corpses of practitioners whose organs were illegally harvested are burned in order to destroy the evidence. Further, other living practitioners who are being illegally detained do not know that their organs are to be removed and their bodies are to be burned. The evil party would not let the ones who are alive know about it. They would deceive them into submitting to medical examinations, hospitalisation, being transfered to other locations, or make them believe they are being released. These living practitioners have no way of obtaining truthful information, even though at nearby places, their fellow practitioners are suffering from organ harvesting and being incinerated.

Of course, Dafa practitioners from China and overseas, as well as the CIPFG, will all work together closely to expose the facts about the persecution to all. However, the emphasis should be on investigating those who are suspected of orchestrating the organ harvesting. Obviously, the guilty parties will not willingly disclose anything, but at least the persistent efforts of Dafa practitioners to clarify the truth will frighten the evil. People who have participated in the organ harvesting can also provide crucial clues and information. At the same time, all the practitioners in China and overseas and the righteous supporters should be notified to pay close attention to this matter. For those who provide irrefutable evidence and information, or who are willing to come out and testify, arrangements must be made to get them out of China. Without this assurance, it's very hard for people to come forward, except the Dafa practitioners who have already put aside life and death, and the exceptionally righteous people who aren't afraid of death.

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