A letter From a German Lady to the Chinese Ambassador Concerning the Persecution of Falun Gong

Your Excellency:

We, as members of the Berlin Women’s Study Hall, have the objective to develop and form a cross-cultural and interdenominational dialogue with others. Given that, we listened to a speech about Falun Gong. This was provided to us because of its interconnection with Confucianism and Buddhism, and today’s political conflict between Falun Gong and the Chinese regime.

The speech evoked in me horror and a deep set disgust about your inhuman and degrading actions against Chinese citizens.

Society’s vitality can only be achieved through cultural diversity. Once one prohibits, persecutes, tortures and murders in a country, any country, including yours, will lose the societal and moral right to exist as a state.

At the same time, such an inhuman behavior does not come from an apparent threat by the minority, but from the inability to deal with diversity and your fear of the minority. In turn, your response is unbridled brutality and murder.

This is injustice.

Your actions are those of depraved people!

Your conduct is unacceptable and unsupportable!

Stop the Persecution and murder immediately!

Signing this letter in an angry protest,

Deniz Güvenç

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