Taiwan: Taiwan's President, Vice-President, and Other Political Leaders Send Congratulatory Greetings to NTDTV Spectacular

Beginning January 20th, four NTDTV Spectacular shows will be held in Taiwan in Tainan, Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, respectively. The show has attracted attention from all circles, and Taiwan's President and other political leaders have sent congratulatory greetings and wishes for the show's success.

President Chen Hsui-Bian stated that the Global Chinese Spectacular provides Chinese people around the world with rich and diverse arts performances for the Chinese New Year: "Hsui-Bian presents his most sincere blessing and wishes all Chinese people a Happy New Year."

Vice President Lu Hsiu-Lien praised NTDTV for its promotion of human rights. She emphasised, "Each year NTDTV holds a wonderful Spectacular, which makes a great contribution to promoting East and West cultural exchange and understanding. I wish success for the Spectacular."

The newly-elected Mayor of Taipei, Hau Lung-bin, sent congratulatory greetings to the Spectacular and Chinese New Year greetings to all Chinese people around the world through NTDTV: "Chinese culture is broad and profound. I sincerely wish the Spectacular to be successful and all Chinese people Happy New Year!"

The newly-elected Kaohsiung Mayor, Chen Chu, praised NTDV’s promotion of Traditional Chinese culture. She said, "I congratulate NTDTV’s Spectacular shows in many cities around the world and the spreading of Chinese traditional culture and art."

Mayor Hu Chi-chiang of Taichung sent congratulatory greetings: "I hope your TV station continues to make efforts to provide correct information to Chinese people worldwide and enhance reporting on global Chinese to strengthen east and west cultural exchanges. I’d like to encourage your station and wish your Spectacular shows success. I wish Chinese people around the world Happy New Year and good health."

Mayor Hsu Tien-tsai stated in his congratulatory greeting, "NTDTV promotes equality and will lead Chinese people to a change in mindset and values and to explore new realms of humanity. In this New Year Spectacular, we will see NTDTV bringing us new values and manifestations as an expression of Chinese culture."

He continued, "I believe that NTDTV is the most welcome and popular TV station in the world, because it offers the highest quality programmes and has the most volunteers. The new values and future of the twenty-first century can be found at NTDTV!"

The NTDTV spectacular in Taiwan received twenty congratulatory greetings from the President, Vice-President, twelve mayors or county heads, and six political leaders, all of whom wished the Spectacular success.

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