Germany: Falun Gong Association Protests at the Singapore Embassy

On January 24th 2007 at the Singapore Embassy in Germany, Falun Gong practitioners protested against the Singapore government bringing a false charge against six Falun Gong practitioners “gathering without permission” and urging the Singapore Government not to act as an accessory of the Chinese Communist Party.

In a letter of protest submitted to the Singapore Embassy on the day the German Falun Gong Association gave a warning to the Singapore Government: “In the history of humankind, examples can be found everywhere of regimes using the law to strike at dissidents to vindicate their personal power. However, examples are also numerous of those who misused the law were subsequently punished by the law and cast aside by the world’s people.” The Association pointed out: “Mr. Li Guangyao, Singapore Minister, holds enough power to control the judiciary. The court holds enough power to restrict and deprive the accused of their rights of defending themselves. Once the court pronounces these six Falun Gong practitioners guilty, this will bring not only damage to Falun Gong practitioners, but bring an even more serious damage to the Singapore Government, society and its people as well at the same time. ”

The first secretary of the Singapore Embassy accepted the letter and expressed that he would pass on the letter to the Singapore Embassy in Germany and the Ministry Foreign Affairs of Singapore.

German Falun Dafa Association letter of protest to the ambassador of Singapore Embassy in Germany:

To: The Singapore Embassy in Germany

His Excellency the Ambassador

Your Excellency the Ambassador:

On October 23rd, 2005, six Falun Gong practitioners were distributing material in the busy Wujie road in Singapore. They were accused of “gathering without permission”. The court case began on Monday. The judge refused anybody entry including family members, relatives, friends of the accused and reporters by making an excuse of not enough seats being available. Such a method of hearing is equal to a secret inquisition and was rejected collectively by the accused Falun Gong practitioners. So the judge declared them “guilty of contempt” and they were put into a jail for two days. The six Falun Gong practitioners were set free after being detained for twenty-four hours.

As far as we know, in Singapore, even if the court sits for a case of murder, it also allows outsiders to be present. Therefore, it is inexplicable that such a case of “gathering without permission” should be heard behind closed doors.In addition, the six accused Falun Gong practitioners had been deprived of the right of choosing their own lawyers and calling their witnesses together before the court started.

On October 23rd, 2005, these six Falun Gong practitioners including Wang Yu, a doctor, were in twos or threes distributing materials about the persecution of Falun Gong in mainland China on Wujie road. As far as we know, Singapore's laws do not strictly prescribe that in such a big area six people separately doing the same thing should be treated as a gathering. The party concerned did not have an intention of breaking Singaporean law. In such a condition, as soon as the police pointed it out, the party concerned removed their banners and abided by the order. We feel it very difficult to understand why the court in Singapore insisted on seizing this point and striking Falun Gong practitioners without considering the outcome if they do not have any political factors behind them. Besides, if the judge were firm in believing that Singapore’s court is a righteous representative of the society, he should have openly heard the case which has aroused the attention internationally since the end of 2005. Would doing like this be able to prove the transparency of Singapore judicial system eliminate the query from international communities whether the court of Singapore can execute the law without being influenced by an even higher power and the political motive of the case?

The cruel persecution of Falun Gong over the past seven years is beyond the persecution of Christians during the Roman regime. Under such a persecution, what Falun Gong practitioners are doing is what they can do in order to raise the awareness of the persecution so that an end can be put to the inhuman persecution as soon as possible. What’s the difference between this and the “White Rose”, the Brother and Sister School, persecuted by the Nazis, Martin Luther King, warrior of human rights, who opposed race discrimination?

The law exists to vindicate morality and justice. Although it can play a role in defending a regime, defending a regime was not the original intention of setting up the law. In the history of humankind, examples can be found everywhere such as a regime using the law to strike its dissidents so as to stick up for its own power. However, examples are numerous such as those who misused the law were punished by the law after that and were cast aside by the world’s people.

Socrates, sage of the past in Greece once said: “I would like you to know that if you kill a person like me, the damage it will bring to you will be far beyond the damage you do to me. I don’t deny that you may have my life or will exile me or deprive of my right of being a citizen, but killing people for no reason or a crime of injuring others will be far beyond the unfairness the injured have endured. ”

What we want say here is: Mr. Li Guangyao, Singapore Ministry has enough power to control the judiciary. The court has enough power to restrict and deprive the accused of their rights. Once the court sentences the six Falun Gong practitioners guilty, this will not only bring damage to Falun Gong practitioners, but also even more serious damage to the Singapore Government and its people. There are three reasons:

Firstly, countries, with their democratic regime not being complete, their judiciary not being independent, will easily become a certain regime’s “power of his family”. This will bring a tragedy to its country and people;

Secondly, the Chinese Communist Party carries out its persecution of Falun Gong by deceiving its superiors and deluding its subordinates, employing its whole machine of propaganda to tell lies and violating the wishes of most Chinese people. Although what certain people in power in Singapore have done to Falun Gong has won the favour of the CCP regime, once the CCP regime falls from power, how will the Chinese people look on the Singapore government? The CCP regime looks powerful, but danger lurks on every side and its regime faces falling to pieces. Just as a former leader of the Soviet Union said the other day: The speed of the CCP falling from power is perhaps faster than the Soviet Union. We believe that this day can be expected soon.

Thirdly, there is no audience on the stage of history. We believe that everybody in the world positions themselves by doing a thing at this critical juncture of history. Everyone, no matter what power he once possessed, will face justice by the history one day. Today the court perhaps can avoid being commented on by public opinion through a secret trial by shutting the door, but it will never avoid being commented on by history.

Therefore, we sincerely hope that your Excellency will understand us. Please pass on the letter to the department concerned.

Sincerely yours,

Falun Dafa Association in Germany

January 24th, 2007

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