Speech at Press Conference by Spokesperson of the Czech Falun Gong Association

On November 17th 2006, the Czech people rallied and marched to Prague Castle in protest against organ harvesting atrocities in China. Falun Gong practitioners joined the march to protest against the 2006 revelations that thousands of living Falun Gong practitioners have had their organs harvested and their bodies cremated on orders from the Chinese Communist Party. A press conference was held to accompany the march. The following press conference speech is by Mrs. Jana Kalivodova, spokesperson of the Falun Gong Association of the Czech of Republic.

Dear friends,

On this day, when communism ended here we were invited by The Human Rights Without Boundaries to take part in this Rally and march. One of the few countries where the communists are still in power is China, a country where the basic human rights, freedom of speech and freedom of belief are systematically violated. But not only that. In China people are sent to prison for many years without trial because of their beliefs. According to eye witnesses and independent investigation we have learned that since 2001 human organs are being taken by force the from the bodies of the prisoners of conscience throughout China. One of the most persecuted groups in China is Falun Gong also known as Falun Dafa.

This brutal campaign against Falun Gong begun more than seven years ago. These persecuted people believe in the universal principles of Truthfullness, Compassion and Forbearance. In China since the early 1990´s Falun Gong has won the hearts of millions. Even though initially it has been given many awards and huge recognition by the Chinese government, that same government, lead by the dictator Jiang Zemin, started this persecution, persecution that in its brutality cannot be compared to any other repression in Chinese history.

At first sight it may appear that this is a persecuted group far away from here, but when dear friends, we think about the extent of that persecution, we ask ourselves where should I stand? History shows that the truth in the end always wins. I believe that it will be the same with Falun Gong. On this day, when we remember the fall of communism in our country, let us think of the illegally imprisoned and persecuted people in Chinese prisons.

Thank you very much.

Mrs. Jana Kalivodova.
Spokeswoman for the Falun Gong Association of the Czech of Republic.

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