Sweden: Letter from a Swediish Practitioner to the Singapore Government

To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as I am concerned with what has been going on in Singapore lately.

I read in the newspaper today that a trial was held on January 22nd, 2007, of six Falun Gong practitioners who distributed flyers about the persecution of Falun Gong two years ago.

In a similar trial in 2004, the Falun Gong members were defended by a lawyer who, after the trial, was forced to tell them he had to stop defending them, or else he would lose his job, due to pressure from the court.

This and another similar incident forced the Falun Gong members to defend themselves. Apparently no family members, media or supporters have been allowed to attend the trial on Monday 22nd 2007.

I wonder if Singapore, like all other democratic countries in the world, should show her support and sympathy to these people who simply want to inform the public about a horrible on-going persecution in China. How could they have been so maltreated in Singapore?

The Chinese government often outlaws anything of spiritual nature since the Communist Party is officially atheist. The CCP has waged a continual slandering campaign against Falun Gong, making up dozens of lies to justify their irrational persecution. The real criminals are the Chinese government not the followers of this peaceful meditation practice.

Did you know that the Chinese Government has ordered the harvesting of thousands of live Falun Gong members? I cannot understand that Singapore is supporting this kind of act, due to what I believe be pressure from the Chinese government.

In other countries Falun Gong is accepted as a method of refining one¹s body and soul, nobody would say that is threatening.

The world is informed about what has happened, we are waiting for Singapore to take it¹s next step into the right direction and to straighten it¹s back and show that it represents a land of dignity, righteousness and support for human rights.

Andrea Elvhage,
Stockholm, Sweden

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