Mr. Gong Chengge and Other Practitioners in Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province Still Being Detained

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During the new wave of persecution led by Zhao Jincheng, director of the Mudanjiang Police Department, in Helongjiang Province on December 12th, 2006, many Falun Gong practitioners were arrested. Although most of them were released after large amounts of money were extorted from them, Mr. Gong Chengge, Mr. Zhu Xiucheng, and Ms. Hao Rong are still being detained.

Mr. Gong Chengge was arrested by the police from the Mudanjiang City National Security Group and Yangming Police Sub-Bureau. He was working in the Mudangjiang City No. 2 Middle School. After money was extorted from them, his family went to the police department to ask for his release, but got no response.

Mr. Zhu Xiucheng was an employee at Mudanjiang Normal College. In April 2000, all three members of his family went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and were taken back to Mudanjiang City. Subsequently, Mr. Zhu was sentenced to one year of forced labour, and his wife and 18-year-old daughter were detained for several months, then were released on large amounts of bail. In April 2002, his family was searched by the police, and Mr. Zhu Xiucheng was sentenced for another three years of forced labour. His wife, Wang Shu'e, was also sentenced to three years of forced labour, which was later suspended due to health problems uncovered in the physical examination. However, she was arrested again on December 22nd, 2003.

Ms. Hao Rong was a retired employee of the kindergarten section of Mudanjiang City's Hengfeng Paper Co. She suffered from cancer previously and recovered after beginning Falun Gong practice. In late 2003, she was arrested for her adherence to Falun Gong and was sentenced to three years of imprisonment. She served the term in Ha'er'bin City's Women's Jail, where she was forced to participate in "drills" and slave labour. Her severe persecution there resulted in the relapse of her cancer, and she could not look after herself. She was released on medical grounds since she was on the verge of death. In December 2006, she was again arrested without proper cause.

Mudanjiang City Police Department: 86-453-6924236, 86-453-6930185
Zhao Jincheng, director: 86-13314636111
Li Fu, political commissar: 86-13946367713
Mudanjiang City 610 Office, Li Changqing: 86-453-6548610
Director's office: 86-453-6458610
Integration Section: 86-453-6553610
Instruction Section and Secretary Section: 86-453-6549610
Dong'an District 610 Office: 86-453-6698610
Yangming District 610 Office: 86-453-6337561
National Security Group of Mudanjiang City Police Department: 86-453-6282523, 86-453-6282520, 86-453-6282519
Mudanjiang City No. 2 Detention Centre: 86-453-6282239
Investigation Section of Mudanjiang City Procuratorate: 86-453-6271526, 86-453-6262000
Xin'an Police Station: 86-453-6923707
Guanghua Police Station: 86-453-6330101, 86-453-6332496

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