United States: 2007 New York Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference Held Successfully

Master Li Teaches the Fa

On April 7th, 2007, the New York Falun Dafa cultivation experience sharing conference was solemnly held in the Manhattan Sheraton Hotel. Approximately four thousand practitioners gathered to share cultivation experiences.

At around 1:30 p.m., Master Li arrived, and right away the hall was filled with warm applause. All practitioners stood up and gave long applause to express their delight at seeing Master Li.

Master Li talked for about three hours encouraging Dafa practitioners to do better in this period of time.

Solemn Conference Hall

Practitioners listen attentively

Falun Gong practitioners share cultivation experiences

During the conference, ten practitioners shared their cultivation experiences.

Liang Tongxuan from New Jersey shared his experience of deterring his notions and clarifying the facts at his company. He deeply experienced that as a Dafa particle, one's personal wisdom and capability is limited. If one eliminates ordinary human notions and does things with the pure thoughts of a Dafa practitioner, anything is possible.

Wang Yiqun shared her recent cultivation experience: how to balance her work in society and validation of Dafa, how to get rid of the attachment to seeking personal advantage, and her overall changes through Dafa cultivation.

New York practitioner Katy Mantyk said that three years ago she came to New York from New Zealand. Later she began working for the New Tang Dynasty TV station. She shared her experience of the work, becoming a wife and a mother, and getting rid of attachments.

New Jersey practitioner Ning Jianguo shared his experience of practising the exercises outdoors for ten years, whether it was cold or hot. Cultivation and practice merge into one: in cultivation, there is practice; in practice, there is cultivation.

Canadian practitioner Caylan Ford talked about how she noticed her attachment of "validating herself" and how difficult it has been to get rid of that attachment. She also shared how she changed from not paying attention to local practitioners' efforts to working together with them.

Practitioners from New York's Elmhurst practice site shared their experience of stressing group Fa study and practise for several years and active truth-clarification in the area. In overcoming tribulations, everyone helped each other and shared experiences with open minds.

Li Hongjin from Colorado and her husband are new practitioners who obtained the Fa in February 2006. She said, "Zhuan Falun is what we had been looking for our whole lives. Each word and each sentence is true." Before practising, her husband had a severe spinal problem which was extremely painful. He had to use a wheel-chair and cane. After obtaining the Fa, he recovered not only from this condition but other illnesses as well. He also participated in the parade in March in California. Ms Li's daughter saw this and was so happy she purchased their plane tickets to attend future cultivation experience sharing conferences.

New York practitioner Han Suqiu shared what she had seen from her celestial eye: all the musicians became transparent, merged together and sent out magnificent gorgeous rays when the Divine Land Marching Band first recorded three songs.

At 6:00 p.m., the conference concluded. Everyone encouraged each other, determined to move forward diligently.

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