Taiwan: Professionals from the Broadcasting Industry Highly Praise the Divine Performing Arts Troupe

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The visit of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe in Taiwan was a huge success and received rave reviews. For example, many professionals from the broadcasting industry said that the troupe's performance was perfect and outstanding and showcased the beauty of authentic Chinese culture.

Wen Chinke, producer of Radio Taiwan International, said that the performance of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe was very inspiring and helped Chinese people around the world to realise how profound traditional Chinese culture is.

Mr. Wen said; "In Taiwan's early years, Chinese culture was bundled with politics and was mixed with things from the then ruling political party. Consequently, one often found that Chinese culture was not so attractive and even contained some despicable contents. However, when we connect Chinese culture to our traditional belief in Buddhas and Gods, as demonstrated by the Spectacular, it becomes so beautiful."

Wong Haoran, CEO of Yunchia Broadcast Corporation, said that every programme of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe demonstrated the profoundness of Chinese culture.

Wong Haoran, CEO of Yunchia Broadcast Corporation

Mr. Wong said, "The songs and the dances are very natural and beautiful. They led us to a very fascinating feeling - joyful and yet very calm. The programmes do not have very exaggerated components and are energised with a boundless power. Our Chinese culture is very profound and we shall promote it around the world."

Chung Kuocheng is an official from Police Radio. He said that it was very hard in Taiwan to see traditional and authentic cultural performances. The endeavour of Chinese artists in North America is very admirable. He said: "The 'Dunhuang Dream' is very touching. It tells a truth: one will receive help from divine beings if he or she is truly faithful. The troupe is called Divine Performing Arts, and it seems that the troupe is indeed being helped by divine beings."

Anchor Li Chia from the Broadcasting Corporation of China and anchor Chen Fanglan from Green Radio also highly commended the show. They felt that watching the show was an experience of purification which will have an intangible impact on uplifting social morality."

Wu Shaohua is the VP of Chiayi Radio. He said: "This type of performance is very rare and one can say that no other troupes are capable of presenting a show of this quality. The show has a large variety of programmes including different ethnic group dances and stage plays portraying authentic Chinese values such as loyalty, piety and filially. It is really a unique and rewarding performance."

Wu Shaohua, VP of Chiayi Radio

Mr. Wu said that he was also a performing artist and had seen numerous performances. However, none of them was as touching as the show presented by the Divine Performing Arts Troupe.

Sun Yuzhen is the CEO of Nantoushancheng Radio. He has 40 years of experience in the field of broadcasting. He said that the performance of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe was very delicate and an integrated solid piece. "For a country to reach prosperity, it casts high requirement in culture. Without uplifting from inside, the quality of life will remain poor and plain. We are so lucky to experience this spirit-lifting show. I hope that we can see performances of this quality more often."

Anchor Li Xin said that he loved the song "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me" presented by Alto Yang Jianshen. The lyrics were displayed on a screen while Ms. Yang was singing. Li said, "The lyrics are very moving."

Wang Qiuju, director of Zhushuixi Radio, said that the stage design and costumes were world class. She said that she felt very lucky that she made it to the show despite all kinds of difficulties. "The Spectacular is excellent and very inspiring," Ms. Wang said.

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