Endless Nightmare: My Experience at the Beijing Women's Forced Labour Camp

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I was abducted by local authorities in 2001 because I had been distributing leaflets exposing the persecution. I was later imprisoned in the Beijing Women's Forced Labour Camp for a year and a half. Whenever I recall those days at the labour camp, it's as if reliving a nightmare for me.

In the name of "re-education, persuasion, and salvation", the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) tries its best to persecute Dafa practitioners. Along with some other practitioners, I was sent to the infamous Section of Forced Labour Arrangement, where the guards were standing in two lines waiting for us, with electronic batons in their hands. They forced us to lower our heads and then proceeded to beat us. One guard hit me on the back of the head, which caused me to fall down. Then they forced us to crouch with both hands locked behind our heads, with our heels touching for two hours. A sixty-year-old practitioner could not hold the posture any longer, so the guards beat her severely to punish her. They stripped and searched us, in order to humiliate us. Deceptive words like "re-education" or "persuasion" were written on the walls of the labour camp.

More than twenty of us were locked in one room of thirteen or fourteen square metres. It was the same room in which we made disposable chopsticks during the day, for one-time use at restaurants. The guards set heavy workloads for everyone, so those who were elderly or slower than others would have to work until three o'clock in the morning. Inmates were divided into a dozen groups, in which at times one or a few people of a certain group could not finish their workloads on time. This would result in the whole group being forced to work while crouching on their heels for hours.

While we were working, we were only allowed to share two bowls of water as a group, so that each person could have only a sip. Once it was my turn to do the dishes while I was extremely thirsty. I took a sip of the running water from the tap, which resulted in my head being hit by a drug addict inmate who was instructed by the guards to beat me.

Our food at the labour camp was cabbage boiled in plain water with a layer of worms floating on top , with the bottom being a thick layer of sand. We had to kneel down on one leg, while holding the bowl with both hands, and say aloud "I'm a forced labour camp inmate...."" before we could receive food. We would be cursed or beaten if we did not say it loudly enough.

At night over twenty of us slept together in our tiny living space on triple level bunk beds. The lower level was not truly a bed, it was actually the floor. The windows and doors were all closed and locked, and we were even forced to use the the same toilet in the tiny room. The toilet bucket was positioned right beside the heads of the people who slept on the floor .

On the first day at the forced labour camp, all practitioners were forced to write statements renouncing Falun Gong, promising not to practise any more. Anyone who refused to write the statements would be punished by being forced to maintain a painful posture for months. They would not be allowed to lean against the wall or sleep, and eventually their legs became extremely swollen. Some practitioners fell asleep while standing because they were too tired, and their bodies would fall straight down to the floor. They would also get beaten for falling asleep.

Many practitioners refused to write the letters, so they were tied up by the guards and hit with electronic batons. Some were burned severely. Other practitioners were forced to run in the courtyard for hours as punishment.

The guards also ordered drug addict inmates to torture Dafa practitioners. Some inmates tore at practitioner's mouths until they bled, others stuck wooden sticks into practitioners' private parts. This caused them urethral problems, making it difficult for them to urinate. As a reward for this distorted behaviour and obedience, inmates would receive a reduction of their sentences.

When outsiders come to visit the camp, the guards hide tortured Dafa practitioners in locked rooms with covered windows, making the rooms appear to be storage rooms.

These accounts are some of the realities Falun Dafa practitioners face at the Beijing Women's Forced Labour Camp run by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.org/mh/articles/2007/5/3/154016.html

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