A Danish Senior's Predestined Relationship With Falun Dafa

Mr. Paul Christian Andersen is a retired, 79-year-old senior citizen from Denmark. He shared his valuable memories with us on the eve of World Falun Dafa Day, May 13th.

"When I was five years old, one of my cousins, who was ten years older than I was, came to visit us. It was in November of 1933. We were outside under the unpolluted nights sky. The stars were brighter than they are today. They sparkled more than anything you could find in jewelry shops. My cousin had learnt something of astronomy. He showed me the Sirius star, Aldebaran, and the Little Bear constellation and also told me how to find the North Star. At last, he mentioned that the nearest star was four light years away from us. (A light year is the distance light travels in a vacuum in one year--5.88 trillion miles). I had a chilling sensation. The stars were so brilliant, but at the same time so impossible to reach!

"That same night I had a dream. I found myself flying around the stars. The stars greeted me as a friend. I was glad. When I started feeling overly excited, all of a sudden I started falling down. At last I dropped heavily on my mattress. I was scared out of my wits and I cried desperately, 'I am falling down! I am falling down!'

"My mother woke up. She did not pay any attention to what I was saying and ordered me, 'Go to sleep! Now!' She had had a hard day. She was extremely tired and needed to sleep. Suddenly I lost my trust in her because she would not listen to me. I had a strong feeling that she was actually not my real mother.

"Recently, I read on a website that many young Falun Dafa practitioners from China had experiences similar to mine. But my experience was as a child who lived in the West, and it happened 74 years ago.

"My mother was unable to give me an answer about my experience. I had to wait 65 years, until one day in 1998 I read the book Zhuan Falun. I suddenly felt that Master understands and knows everything."

Mr. Andersen became a steadfast Falun Dafa practitioner. The pains and sickness Mr. Andersen had previously suffered from miraculously disappeared. When he was little, he was accidentally poisoned with mercury. He suffered pains his entire life and had tried a variety of treatments, but none of them could cure the sickness. When he began studying Falun Dafa, very soon his complexion became healthy and his white hair became light brown again and he also started to smiles again. He really felt he had found the way back home!

In July of 1999, not long after Mr. Andersen began studying the Fa, the persecution of Falun Gong began in China. Since then, Mr. Andersen has been busy day and night working on putting an end to the persecution. It has been four years since he and other practitioners began protesting in front of the Chinese embassy. They go there every day, no matter how bad the weather is. Countless predestined people have walked toward him. They read the posters or took our materials.

Recently, Mr. Andersen broke his shoulder. He was the victim of a hit-and-run car accident on a quiet pathway. His face was covered in blood and he lost consciousness. A kindhearted person called the ambulance and he was sent to the hospital. When Mr. Andersen awoke, he told the doctor serenely that he was fine and he did not need to be hospitalised. Heeding the doctor's advice he remained in the hospital one more night. The following morning, he took a bus home. He did not take any medicine. Mr. Andersen surprised all the doctors, because a senior like him would normally have permanent injuries after such an accident.

Only Mr. Andersen knows how this miracle happened. He knows that if compassionate Master had not protected him, he would have been seriously hurt or even lost his life, which could happen to others his age. However, Mr. Andersen does not even feel much pain. He wrote a letter to his fellow practitioners, "To express my thanks to our compassionate Master for saving me, and to you fellow practitioners for caring so much for me, I wrote down my experience to share with you. Let us value our predestined relationships with Falun Dafa that were arranged in ancient times."

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