My Husband's Lung Tumors Disappeared After Just Three Months of Cultivation

In mid-June of 2006, my husband fell ill with periodontosis (an infectious disease in the tooth socket) and developed a swollen and sore jaw, a severe cough, and a mild fever. We went to a nearby hospital for an x-ray and discovered that both of his lungs had irregular tissue growths. The doctor suggested that we go to a larger hospital for a CAT scan. On June 30, we went to a well-known hospital in Beijing and it was determined that his left lung had large tumours that were potentially cancerous and his upper right lung had smaller tumours that needed to be watched. At first a biopsy was recommended, but after reading the CAT scan report the doctor suggested we take a culture from his phlegm to see if it contained cancerous cells. If cancerous cells were found, the biopsy would not be needed. If cancerous cells were not found, we should proceed with the biopsy to be sure.

My husband is a college professor. He is a decent person, not caring much about money and fame, and always helping others. He has good inborn quality and opposed the suppression of Falun Gong from the beginning, believing that the government should not deprive people's freedom of belief. He supports my cultivation of Falun Gong, but he never practised himself. Many times I urged him to begin cultivation, but he never did.

He had the CAT scan on a Friday. The lab asked him to give the phlegm sample the next Monday so that the results would be available by Wednesday. That Wednesday, the lab results reported that no cancerous cells were found. I was moved to tears when I heard the news.

With no cancerous cells found in his phlegm, the next question was whether or not to have a biopsy. After discussion our family members could not reach a consensus. I explained that I didn't think the biopsy was needed; the important issue was how to remove the tumours. Rather than relying on western medicine, I suggested we rely on Falun Gong. I cited a few examples of people curing major illnesses by cultivating in Falun Dafa to convince them. Finally my husband agreed.

My husband began to practise Falun Gong in the end of June. He stopped his forty-year-old habit of smoking, and stopped drinking too. He made sure that he did the five exercises in the morning and in the evening every day. He began by meditating for half an hour each time and gradually increased to an hour. For study, he concentrated on reading Zhuan Falun.

On the second day of his practise, the mild fever that had lasted for half a month went away, and the cough and phlegm were almost gone too. A week later, during exercise he felt air coming out from the centre of his palm, his arm and back felt warm, and something was rotating in his lower abdomen. Half a month later, his body-cleansing began. During exercise, he felt pressure on his chest and his throat was itchy. He coughed severely and spit up thick, black phlegm that sometimes had a trace of blood. The situation lasted for over 40 days.

Three months into his cultivation, I accompanied him to the hospital in Beijing to have an examination. After the X-ray, the doctor compared the new film with the original and was astonished, saying "It is truly peculiar. The tumours are all gone!?" For confirmation, we went to first hospital and took another X-ray. The result from the doctor was the same: "The tumours are gone. The lungs are normal!"

After three months of cultivation my husband's lung tumours were completely gone. This miracle demonstrated the power and wonder of Falun Dafa. When I told my relatives, friends, colleagues, and classmates, they all marvelled. Some of them changed their negative opinions about Falun Gong. Some of them quit the communist party and its affiliated organisations. Some even began to be interested in cultivating Falun Gong. Through this experience, more and more people have learnt the facts about Falun Gong and are showing their support.

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