United Kingdom: Showing the Beauty of Falun Dafa in Truro Carnival

Practitioners from Cornwall in England, supported by practitioners from London and Brighton, took part in Truro carnival for the first time on 8th September 2007. The Falun Dafa float, decorated with beautiful pink lotus flowers, Falun symbols and heavenly clouds, carried practitioners demonstrating the peaceful Falun Gong exercises. Others walked alongside handing out leaflets and paper lotus flowers to the watching crowds, and another pair carried a banner in front with the words “Falun Gong” in both Chinese and English.

The Falun Gong float was awarded a prize by the Mayor of Truro, who was delighted to receive a lotus flower and leaflet. The golden light from the setting sun reflected off the practitioners' gold costumes and banners, making them appear to be glowing, and peaceful energy radiated from the float.

Children’s faces lit up as the float passed by and they received a handmade lotus flower. One teenage boy shouted out “I know all about this. They are tortured for doing this”. He had seen an anti-torture display in Canada and learnt all about the persecution in China. He took a leaflet about the practice and told his friends about it. The staff at the Chinese restaurants also happily accepted flowers and leaflets.

Several hundred people received a lotus flower and many more had the opportunity to see the beauty of Falun Dafa in this rural part of the United Kingdom. They also learned about the brutal persecution inflicted on Falun Dafa practitioners in China by the Chinese Communist Party.

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