United States: Divine Performing Arts Gives Special Performance to Honor the International Chinese Vocal Competition

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On the night of October 17th, 2007, the Divine Performing Arts gave a special performance to honor the International Chinese Vocal Competition. The performance was held in the Hammerstein Ballroom at Manhattan Center.

The Divine Performing Arts

Audience is touched by the performance

The Divine Performing Arts brought a display of pure and righteous traditional Chinese culture to the audience. They demonstrated respect for heaven through dances, such as "Creation" and "A dream of Dunhuang." They also manifested the value of virtue such as benevolence, loyalty, courtesy, wisdom and trust, through dances such as "Story of Yue Fei." In the songs "Looking for the truth," and "Why refuse," artists brought the truth of Falun Dafa to the audience. Through the dance "Good is rewarded and evil meets evil," artists exposed the brutality of the persecution of Falun Gong, and also reminded people of this heaven principle.

International Chinese Vocal Competition contestants were moved to tears

Guo Jinhui, the champion of the Bel Canto Women's division, said: "The quality of the show is very high. It is very touching and I was moved to tears several times. What is important for a singer is not her voice, but the message she tries to pass on. Westerners have hymns, which have been popular for a long time. I think that the reason they are popular is because they have high moral standards. The Divine Performing Arts give artists a good example how to resurrect the righteous art."

Mo Li, the champion of the Bel Canto Men's division, said: "The show is excellent. The stage design, music and costumes are wonderful. The artists manifested their belief through dances and song. I was excited to watch such a good Chinese show in America. I am proud of them. I hope that I will have chances to promote the righteous Chinese culture too."

The show manifests the profound contents of Chinese culture

Shi Yiqiao, the second place winner of the Woman Bel Canto division, said: "the show touched me. The contents of it were very profound. It perfectly manifested the 5000-year long Chinese culture."

Lin Jianji, the second place winner of the Bel Canto Men's division, said: "The show brought the essence of Chinese culture to the audience through wonderful history stories. The morality and art are connected. The powerful art must have powerful belief."

The show brings the message of compassion

Wang Yajun and Walter Tam, two contestants of the competition, said that the singers of the show brought the message of compassion to the audience through their professional performance. Wang Yajun said: 'To be a good artist, what is important is a pure heart and the ability to pass on the message of truthfulness, compassion and beauty."

Alice of Brooklyn has seen earlier performances by the Divine Performing Arts. She said that the show tonight still gave her deep impression and gave her deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

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