Germany: "I am deeply moved by the performances of loyalty and dedication to the nation as well as about Falun Gong"

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The evening after the first performance of the Shen Yun Spectacular in Frankfurt ended, Ms Zhang Jie from Mainland China told a reporter that the Spectacular gave her culturally a very pure feeling. She said, “In China one can rarely see this kind of programme. The great majority of performances are commercially oriented. It is quite rare to have such pure feeling culturally.”

Ms Zhang was specially moved by two excerpts: “There were quite a few places that touched me greatly. For example, ‘Loyalty and total dedication to the nation’. We Chinese all have this thought in our hearts. But nowadays people make great efforts trying to forget about it or unwilling to mention it. Another piece was about Falun Gong. About the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution, it is very difficult for me to accept this kind of persecution.”

“Today I feel very honoured attending this performance. This kind of show, for example, the style of the presenters and the parts related to the ancient culture, I feel they are most attractive.” Ms Zhang also said, “I hope to learn our own culture through all channels and its value to other nations.”

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