Germany: Falun Gong Association Holds a Rally Condemning the Chinese Communist Party for their Attempt to Interfere with the Chinese Spectacular

On February 12th, the Falun Gong Association, one of the sponsors of the Shen Yun Spectacular, held a rally in the shopping centre of Duisburg, a city in the west of Germany. On learning that the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP) attempted to stand in the way of the Spectacular being held in Sweden, Karl Eilert who has already retired said with a sigh, “I cannot simply imagine the CCP even wanting to interfere with a cultural performance such as the Shen Yuan Spectacular. We are living in a democratic country, the CCP has gone so far to extend its influence here and this is really very hard to understand".

According to a local news report on Sunday by the Swedish National TV Station (SVT), on January 25th, the Chinese Embassy in Sweden attempted to block the Shen Yun Performing Arts by holding a rival 'New Year Show' in Linköping, but its attempt was not successful because it was too difficult for the Embassy to influence the programmes to be shown.

On hearing that the atrocity of removing organs from living Falun Gong practitioners on a large scale committed by the CCP in China, Carl became indignant: “Such an act can never be tolerated; we should express our strongest protest. If such an incident as removing organs from living people is happening in China and yet our politicians are also doing business with China that means that they allow such an atrocity to exist also. We should oppose such an act. ” Carl was very interested in the Shen Yun Performing Arts. He said that he would pay much more attention to news about Shen Yun. If time permits, he will go and see the Shen Yun Spectacular.

“I think that it is a good thing for the Shen Yun Spectacular to be on stage in Duisburg”, “We feel very good,” said two young men when they accepted an interview by NTDTV.

The rally aimed at promoting the Shen Yun Spectacular attracted a large number of people and tourists; they had known earlier that the characteristic of the CCP is good at scheming and intrigue. The local media in Duisburg and “German Radio” (WDR), a well-known and international media also expressed their concern about the incident. It has also extensively caused attention from the media that the Chinese Embassy in Bonn, Germany slandered the Shen Yun Spectacular to local Chinese people in an attempt to stop them from going and seeing the Spectacular. This has given the sponsor of the Shen Yun Spectacular another opportunity of explaining in depth to the people the real meaning of the Shen Yun Performance.

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