Germany: Divine Performing Arts Arrives in Frankfurt, First Show Touches Audience

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After the first stop in Duisburg, Germany, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) Chinese Spectacular arrived in Frankfurt and staged a performance in Jahrhunderthalle on February 16, 2008. The show was warmly welcomed and audience members were visibly happy after watching it.

Extensive media coverage spreads the word about DPA

During the last couple of months, the DPA advertisement showing a dancer's flying posture was seen everywhere in Frankfurt. A few days before the show, RTL and SAT1 TV stations carried introductions to the show during prime time. Leading newspapers FAZ (Frankfurt's main newspaper) and Frankfurter Rundschau also carried reports on the DPA show and the performers. The Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular has become popular in Frankfurt, the financial center of Germany.

Recknagel, the host organizer, told the reporter before the performance that ticket sales for the first show in Frankfurt were very good and there were people buying tickets even minutes before curtain time.

Divine Performing Arts Orchestra arrives in Germany

The Divine Performing Arts Orchestra arrived in Frankfurt one day before the show. Dr. Qian Yuejun, General Editor of Europe China Guidance said emotionally, "During last decade, I have never seen any Chinese art performance in Europe with such a big orchestra to accompany it. The strength and scale of Divine Performing Arts is amazing."

Dr. Qian said, "The DPA show spreads Chinese traditional culture and plays an important role in re-establishing China's moral values. DPA is a pioneer in promoting Chinese culture and virtues in the world."

VIPs gather to watch the show

Frankfurt is also known as the financial center of Germany and the transportation center of Europe.

Ms. Anja Walter and her husband, from Darmstadt, a city south of Frankfurt, attended the performance. Ms. Walter is interested in Chinese history and culture and studied Tai Chi for twelve years. Her daughter told her about the show after seeing an advertisement on TV.

Among Chinese guests to the Spectacular were Dr. Qian, the General Editor of Europe China Guidance, Gao Qinghong, Chairman of European Peace Democratic Union and Director of Association of Hakka Chinese in Germany, Chang Wei-ting, Director of the Frankfurt Branch of the Taiwan Tour Bureau, and Cecilia Liu, Director of the Frankfurt German Chinese Women's Association.

City officials from nearby cities also came to Frankfurt to watch the show. They included Ms. Helga Skolik, Vice Mayor of Wiesbaden, Mr. Hitzel of the Department of Culture of Rodermark, Mr. Kurt Roder of the Department of Economic Promotion of Russelsheim and Ms. Romig-Saul, Vice Mayor of Breuberg im Odenwald, in charge of culture and travel.

VIPs in business circles including Mr. Marian D. Trinkel, Mr. Hubertus Zinke, and Mr. Thomas Brunner also attended the performance.

The Chinese Communist Party has attempted to spread lies in many countries to interfere with the Divine Performing Arts scheduled performances, which has caught the attention of many human rights defenders. Ms. Katrin Bornmueller, Chairman of IGFM (The International Society for Human Rights) headquartered in Germany, told the reporter, "We want to clarify the facts."

Wonderful show fulfills audience's anticipation

Ms. Helga Skolik, Vice Mayor of Wiesbaden, said after watching the Spectacular, "All Chinese people should watch the show."

The wonderful performance of DPA won applause again and again. Ms. Helga Skolik, Vice Mayor of Wiesbaden, said after the show, "The show brought people back in time, to several thousands years ago. All I can say is that it's very good. I feel that all Chinese people should watch the show."

Regarding the program describing the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Skolik said, "Seeing those ladies in prison, I felt like I was close to them. Last year I went to China. People there do not have freedom. There is long way to go. People there still live in oppression."

Mr. Karl Bruck, a civil engineer, had high praise for the show

Mr. Karl Bruck is a civil engineer and a big fan of China who loves traditional Chinese culture. He commended the DPA show, saying, "The performance was wonderful! If Chinese people conduct themselves according to the virtues displayed in the DPA show, the nation will become powerful again. It is the hope for the Chinese nation."

DPA tours Europe and will travel to Holland next

On February 17, Divine Performing Arts will stage two shows in Frankfurt and then will travel to The Hague, Holland. From February 13 to April 16, the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular will be held in more than twenty cities in Europe.

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