United Kingdom: Full House for Chinese Spectacular in London

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On the afternoon of February 23rd, the Divine Performing Arts presented the second show of the Spectacular to a packed Royal Festival Hall in London.

Dara, a financial manager with Tata Consultancy Services, watched the show with his wife and said the show was splendid. His company, a division of the largest Indian private corporate Tata Group, is one of the largest information technology and consulting service companies in the world. Dara said that he enjoyed the show and the dancing was great. “The costumes, decoration, colours and method of presentation, everything was great and splendid. If the Diving Performing Arts comes back next year, we will come to see it again.”

Dara, a manager of the Tata Group, said that the show was splendid Joan Turnbull and her daughter both loved the show

Joan Turnbull is a social worker and she recently came from Ireland to visit her daughter Jenny Baird. Joan said that the show was a wonder and the music and dance are very elegant. Jenny is a project manger of a construction materials company and learned about the Divine Performing Arts from several friends. She said: “The show is very cultural and enlightening, I enjoyed this show which reproduced the ancient culture. In one word, very well done! It is very nice to know about your culture, thank you!”

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