United Kingdom: The Premiere of the Chinese Spectacular in London is Highly Acclaimed by Politicians

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The Chinese Spectacular show in London attracted people from all walks of life, and over 8,000 tickets were sold out before its premiere. As the show demonstrates traditional Chinese culture, it also drew the attention of a lot of politicians.

Cambridge City Councilor Romsey Raj Shah: “The world people should awaken to make their lives better”

Cambridge City Councilor Romsey Raj Shah drove to London to see the show and he felt it was worthwhile to do so. He said, “The performance was so magnificent that I really enjoyed it. In particular, the ‘Nymphs of the Sea’ and the ‘Mongolian Bowl Dance’ were exceptionally good.”

He also felt that every act was conveying different messages. He said, “One of the things I liked very much was the message that the world is a stage and we are in different locations. The message that people believe in reincarnation was conveyed in the show. The programmes also had the implication that good begets good, evil leads to evil.”

He added that this performance demonstrated the traditional Chinese culture, and he would like to see it again. Talking about the programmes with Falun Gong implications, he said, “I hope that this movement Falun Gong can persist and gain support. I have been to Falun Gong exhibitions, and think that the world’s people should awaken and make their lives better.”

Camden district Mayoress: “The performance was fantastic”

After watching the Chinese Spectacular, the Camden district Mayoress said, “I liked it very much. It was colourful, fantastic and humorous. I like everything about it. I’ve never seen any performances like this; it’s very beautiful and meaningful. We seldom see such performances in this country.”

The act she liked most was the “Water Sleeves” and she said that she liked it very much. “It was very elegant and beautiful. The actors and actresses are all very pretty. It’s hard for us to notice they were moving their feet. It’s totally different from the dances here in England. I think they are the traditional Chinese dances.”

She said that the performance of the live orchestra was exceptionally good. She said, “Let the British get used to listening to Chinese music. It is totally different. I’ve listened to Chinese music quite a lot recently, but the music in the Chinese Spectacular was especially graceful.” She also mentioned that the show has already won over the audience and she would definitely come back to see the show again.

Baroness Wilcox: I saw the broadness of the Chinese culture

Baroness Wilcox, member of British Conservative Party in the House of Lords, is currently the Shadow secretary of state for the Department for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform and the current spokes person of the opposition party.

“It’s really wonderful, beautiful, graceful, and colourful and it’s not a show of farce as I previously imagined. It manifests many different dimensions of social lives. It is profound,” said Baroness Wilcox, after watching the show.

She enjoyed the beauty the Spectacular demonstrated. “I think ‘Nymphs of the Sea’ was the most beautiful act and of course, the warriors and the drums at the end. Yes. They are very beautiful. Time passed quickly. It seemed to fly in seconds. Those brief introductions the hosts’ lines helped a lot. They let us know what to expect and helped us understand the upcoming programmes. Indeed, it was really favourable. It’s much better than what I had imagined.”

Talking about her favourite act, Baroness Wilcox immediately thought of the dancing programme, "Drummers of the Tang Court.” “I loved those Drummers of the Tang Court and The Risen Lotus Flower.” Their costumes are so beautiful and exquisite. Their dances are completely different from ours western dances.” Said Baroness Wilcox.

Baroness Wilcox thought that the Spectacular is introducing China to the world. “I feel that I have seen the broadness of the Chinese Culture. It is very great. They are touring around the world to introduce Chinese culture to us. It’s really great!” said Baroness Wilcox.

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