Germany: Frankfurt Locals are Looking Forward to the Chinese Gala Spectacular

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Parade in downtown Frankfurt

Women and men, dressed in elegant costumes from historical Chinese Emperor's courts, walked in a dignified pace through downtown Frankfurt on the day the New York Divine Performing Arts artists arrived in Frankfurt.

This was a reminder to the Frankfurt locals that the time was close to the performance of the Chinese Spectacular that would take place on Saturday evening in the Century Hall.

For three hours, the stunning costumes with their luminescent play of colours dazzling in the brilliant sunlight were an eye-catching event in downtown Frankfurt. Stress and the hectic life were forgotten for a short time and the faces of the scurrying passersby lit up. They stopped for a moment and listened on the side to news about the stage show.

The news was that the traditional, 5,000 year old Chinese culture was brought in a contemporary setting through dance, song, music, gorgeous costumers and fascinating stage back drops to Frankfurt.

Those who were intrigued by the parade, stopped, listened and nodded in agreement. They wanted to bring friends, grandchildren, children and partners to the show.

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