Sweden: The Swedish People Give Support to an Assembly for Quitting the CCP Campaign

On June 14th, at the Swedish 'Quit the CCP Centre' in Stockholm, Falun Gong practitioners held an assembly to support the 36, 800 000 Chinese people who have quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations. They also raised awareness about how the CCP has tried to divert attention from the fact that it ignored predictions of the Sichuan earthquake. Chinese political secretary Zhou Yongkang personally deployed overseas CCP consulates and Communist Party supporters in America, inciting Chinese people who did not know the truth to hurl abuse, assault and beat up volunteer workers at the Flushing 'Quit the CCP Centre' in New York.

Volunteer workers for the “Quit the CCP” centre and volunteer workers for the “DaJiYuan Newspaper (The Epoch Times)”, as well as Falun Gong practitioners from the periphery towns of Stockholm all attended this event.

The weather on this day was cool and from time to time it would start to rain a little, but this did not effect in the least the “Quit the CCP” centre volunteer workers and Falun Gong practitioners from introducing the “Nine commentaries on the communist party” editorial to the Chinese tourists. The 'Nine Commentaries' explores the relationship between China and the CCP, with the goal of encouraging Chinese people to quickly quit the CCP and its affiliated organisations.

MP Cecilia Wigstrom said in an interview that more and more Chinese people are seeing things outside the information blockade and the 'Quit the CCP' wave displays China's moving towards liberty and democracy. She also said: “more and more people are quitting the party, enabling more and more people to pay attention to what democracy is, and what human rights are. People in democratic countries live much better, and the people enjoy much more freedom and happiness. I hope that it (the big wave of quitting the CCP) will advance with steady steps.”

On the scene of the activity were placed many boards in different languages, silently telling the people about how since the formation of the CCP to today it has still been committing the sins of persecuting the kind and innocent civilians. The loudspeaker was non stop broadcasting the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” recording. Three Westerners from the Quit the CCP centre Jorgen, Jens, and Tobias each spoke at the activity, introducing to the people at the scene the Quit the Party centre, and the present conditions of the Chinese people quitting the communist party.

Tobias, who was well versed in Chinese, continued to use Chinese, to explain to the Chinese people at the scene, calling on the Chinese people to quite the CCP and to quit the CCP’s political party, the groups and teams.

When many pedestrians passed by this way, most of them slowed down their steps, and listened earnestly and some came to the display board and carefully looked at them. Some earnestly read the flyers they received, and some went forward and took the initiative to speak with practitioners. Two families which lived in Stockholm, two men continuously stretched out their thumbs and said to practitioners: “You are doing really great, keep it going.”

Three people had just come from the Mainland recently, and some younger people working in Sweden all received “the Nine commentaries on the communist party” and DajiYuan newspapers (Epoch Times newspapers) and spoke with practitioners. They said they saw through the CCP and absolutely would not enter it. But they felt indifferent about quitting the Communist Youth League and quitting the Young Pioneers. They were already over age and felt as if it didn’t matter. When they explained clearly to them how it affected their vital interests, they very happily quit the CCP. They even continuously thanked them.

There was also a young person from Chifeng city in Inner Mongolia, who accepted the “Nine Commentaries” and a Epoch Times newspaper, and carefully placed them in to his plastic bag, afraid that it would get soaked by the rain, and even said happily to a practitioner, “The last time I went to Germany I saw the Falun Gong practitioners assembly march for quitting the CCP, and also saw many slogans reading “Falun Dafa hao (Falun Dafa is good)”. To see so many more people quit the CCP today made him very happy! As a matter of fact his mother was also a practitioner of Falun Gong. He took a photo of the Quit the CCP gathering and banners and slogans, and said that he wanted to take them home to show his mother. He also said that when he returned to the guest house he would go to the quit the CCP site on the Da Ji Yuan (the Chinese version of Epoch Times) website, and would like to quit the Communist Youth League that he once was a part of.

A Chinese woman married to a Swede was very shocked when seeing the Quit the CCP activities, and was also a little worried. She couldn’t imagine what China would be like if the CCP collapsed. A volunteer at the quit the CCP centre introduced the “Nine commentaries of the Communist party” to her, and the conduct of the CCP during the earthquake, and in the end she expressed that she believed China would be better without the CCP. She took a “nine commentaries” and an Epoch Times newspaper and happily left.

A young female university student from Sichuan was going home the next day, and really didn’t quite understand the quit the CCP activities here. She took some photos of some scenes, one of which was a photo of a Chinese student, and threatened to put it on a website in Mainland China; she thought doing this would “love the country”. When Falun Gong practitioner XiaoLu saw this situation, she hastily went forward, and spent over an hours time to patiently clarify the truth to her, helping her to clearly distinguish the relationship between the CCP and China, using a large amount of true stories to help her, enabling her to distinguish the evil nature of the CCP. In the end this female University student changed her original false decisions. She said that she would delete the photo, and would not place it on the website. She also accepted that what Falun Gong practitioners were doing was in fact truly loving the country.

When it got to four o’clock in the afternoon when the activity was coming to a close, all the Chinese materials had been handed out and apart from the Chinese materials there were also many Swedish and English versions of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” and such materials that were handed out. Although they braved being wet by the rain and everyone worked hard, when they saw that so many people saw clearly the CCP evilness, and coming to a clear understanding of the truth, everyone was fully gratified!

Finally Jorgen, the chairman of the Swedish Quit the CCP centre said, “Helping the Chinese people quit the CCP and its affiliated organisation is a global activity. We will continuously put in the best effort to enable more Chinese people to distinguish clearly the evil nature of the CCP, and to quit this evil CCP earlier.”

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