Police Madly Arrest Practitioners to "Protect the Olympics" in Yongnian County, Hebei Province

The police station of Yongnian County, Handan City, Hebei Province is executing a secret order from "higher" branches. Using "protecting the Olympics" as an excuse, they recently began to madly arrest Falun Gong practitioners. Up to July 2nd, 2008, at least 16 practitioners have been arrested.

In the morning of May 30th, 2008, Yongnian County Police Station State Security captain Chen Jushan and police from Dabeiwang Police Station went to practitioner Ms. Zhang Chunping's home near the Third Middle School and searched her home. Later they went to the pharmacy Ms. Zhang works at and arrested her. They also seized a computer, a printer and 2,200 yuan1 from the pharmacy. Ms. Zhang's husband, who works in the Yongnian Third Middle School does not practise Falun Gong, but was also harassed by State Security.

The police took Ms. Zhang to the First Brigade of the State Security. They tortured her every night at midnight with inhumane methods. They handcuffed her hands and feet; then two policemen stood on her legs, hit the bottom of her feet with metal sticks, and shocked her face, armpits, breasts, and private body parts with electric batons. They threatened that if she refused to answer their questions, they would use torture her in even more menacing ways. Captain Chen Jushan watched the whole thing. Ms. Zhang resisted with a hunger strike. She was sent to Shijiazhuang City.

Around noon on June 24th, police from Yongnian County State Security and Xiaolongma Township Police Station went to the North Village of Xiaolongma Township and arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Zhuting.

On or about June 24th, practitioner Ms. Shi Hualing from Xiguozhuang Village was arrested. Police seized several CDs from her home. Ms. Shi's husband Guo Yongzhi (not a practitioner) went to the police station to ask for Ms. Shi and was detained and forced to pay 1,000 yuan.

At around 10am on June 27th, police from Yongnian County 610 Office broke into the home of practitioner Mr. Hu Jinshe. They were going to arrest Mr. Hu, but Mr. Hu was not at home.

On June 27th, police arrested practitioner Ms. Dong Meirong at her home. She was taken to the police station.

At around 11am on June 27th, police broke into practitioner Ms. Gao Fenlan's home on Yu Street, Liuying Village. They arrested Ms. Gao's husband, who is not a practitioner. They seized a television, a DVD player, and a satellite receiver. They released Ms. Gao's husband in the afternoon. The family asked the police for their belongings, but the police would not give them back and said that they were keeping them as "evidence". Ten police were involved. They said that the arrest was arranged by Yang Qingshe.

On June 28th, Yongnian County State Security and police from Hejiedian Police Station arrested two male Falun Gong practitioners from Houcao Village.

On June 28th, Yongnian County State Security and police from Yongnian County Fifth Police Brigade arrested practitioner Mr. Zhang Shuili.

At around 10am on June 30th, ordered by Yang Qingshe - the vice director of the Yongnian County Police Station, police from the State Security arrested Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Guo Lingqin, who lives in Houmaying Village. Ms. Guo was taken to the detention centre. The police took away six satellite receivers, over 20 high-resolution lenses, a television, a mobile phone, a computer, and an MP3 player. Police from Houjiangwu Township Police Station then broke into the home of Ms. Guo's relatives and tried to arrest Ms. Guo's husband, Mr. Wang Manliang. Mr. Wang was forced to run away from home.

Practitioner Mr. Zhang Honghai from Houliuxing Village was recently taken to the police station. It appeared that he was getting sick, so they let him go.

Yang Qingshe and Chen Jushan have spread the word that they will not stop until they have arrested all Falun Gong practitioners.

Yongnian County Police Station:
Director Cao Yuxue: 86-13383106688(Mobile), 86-310-6881088(Home), 86-310-881018, 86-310-6815588, 86-310-6600988(Office)
Vice Director Yang Qingshe: 86-310-6855555(Home), 86-13832051111(Mobile)
State Security Captain Chen Jushan: 86-310-6822404- ext 5832(Office), 86-13803200503(Mobile)

"610 Office" director Liu Baohu: 86-13703109599(Mobile) 86-310-6821550(Office), 86-310-6850928


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

Chinese version available at http://minghui.ca/mh/articles/2008/7/3/181379.html

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