Two Middle School Teachers Arrested and Beaten in Dongfeng County, Jilin Province

On the morning of June 28th, 2008, when two Falun Gong practitioners, Ms. Ha Jingbo and Ms. Jiang Ruoling, teachers at the Dongfeng County Fourth Middle School in Jilin Province, were distributing leaflets exposing the persecution in Dayang Town and telling people the facts about Falun Gong and that Falun Gong teaches people to follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance, they were arrested by police officers from the Dayang Town Department.

After the practitioners were brought to the police department, the officers took "confessions" by force. Four police officers, among them Wang Gang (male) took notes, while Sun Zhiqiang (male) fingerprinted Ms. Ha and Ms. Jiang. The two practitioners remained silent while the director of the Dayang Town Police Department, Du Yongri (male), cursed them and hit them in the face out of frustration. When Du Yongri noticed that the door was not closed, he became worried that someone might see what he was doing. He simply shut the door, and continued to punch and kick Ms. Ha and Ms. Jiang. Later, he also opened the window trying to get the practitioners to jump from the second floor and commit suicide.

The practitioners were beaten viciously. After the prisoners had their pictures taken for identification, several officers dragged them off by their hair. A total of three police officers were involved in fingerprinting them. During that procedure, director Du Yongri kicked them and beat them in particularly sensitive areas of the body, including the fingers.

Later, Ms. Ha and Ms. Jiang were taken to the Dongfeng County Police Department. At 12:00 p.m., they were taken to the Dongfeng County Detention Centre. Although many people at the detention centre knew them because they had been there before, nobody recognized Ms. Ha and Ms. Jiang because they had been beaten beyond recognition by the officers.

The directors of the Dongfeng County Detention Centre are Liu (family name) and Yang (family name).

Director of the Dayang Town Police Department in Dongfeng County, Du Yongri. (His wife, Li Jing is also a teacher at the Dongfeng County Fourth Middle School; Ms. Ha and Ms. Jiang are her colleagues.) The telephone number of Du Yongri is: 86-437-6227146 (home);
Principal of the Dongfeng County Fourth Middle School is Guo Jun (male);
Secretary of the Dongfeng County Fourth Middle School Chinese Communist Party is Jia Bin (male)

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