Bleak Conditions Continue for Practitioners in Masanjia Forced Labour Camp in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province

To gain higher profits, the authorities of Masanjia Forced Labour Camp abuse Falun Gong practitioners by overloading them with work. Practitioners are forced to make handmade products for profit. These products often require high-intensity labour, and the raw materials are harmful. As a result, few people would willingly work under such conditions.

Practitioners were recently forced to process glue containing toxic substances. Long-term contact with the glue harms the respiratory tract, so the processing site was moved outside. Since nobody would willingly do this kind of work, the labour camp sold the finished products at high profits. The guards forced practitioners to do this work, harming both their physical and mental health.

On June 2nd, 2008, the workday for practitioners was extended to 8 p.m. Guards beat the old, weak, sick, and disabled who are unable to work or unable to keep pace with the others. Zhang Yu (female), guard director, ordered 58-year-old practitioner Ms. Wang Sufang to sort parts. Ms. Wang forgot what she was to do. Li Jun (female), the supervisor, hit Ms. Wang in the face and kicked her. Zhang Yu said she would extend Ms. Wang's detention term. Zhang Yu also instigated Li Jun to beat Ms. Wang when she could not fulfil a task or if she sorted some parts wrong.

The guard director ordered practitioner Ms. Wang Jinfeng to match cloth colours. She did not perform the task perfectly, so Ma Guimei (female), another supervisor, scolded her, pushed her to the front, and forced her to stand for a long time. The director took Ms. Wang Jinfeng to a warehouse, beat her, and forced her to clean the floor and the toilet.

On June 1st, 2008, practitioner Ms. Gao Fuling was berated for no reason. Ning Yuhua (female), the supervisor, picked on her. It was obvious that a hole in the cloth was made by the manufacturer, but she claimed Ms. Gao was responsible and berated her fiercely.

A guard saw someone give Ms. Gao Fuling a piece of paper, so guard Wang Xing (female), directed by Zhang Yu, ransacked Ms. Gao's stuff and threatened her, "Give me the sheet of paper immediately, otherwise, you will get into trouble." On May 28th, 2008, when Ms. Gao Fuling and Ms. Song Changmei refused to sign the assessment form, Zhang Yu pulled their hair and hit their faces. Another practitioner, Ms. Tong Xiaoyan, refused to sign the form, so Wang Shuzheng (female) hit her in the face. Ren Huaiping (female) claimed, "There are no human rights here at all."

On May 26th, 2008, Zhang Yu told Ning Yuhua to force practitioner Ms. Qiu Tieyan to empty the rubbish bins in the whole workshop. While she was emptying the bins, Ms. Qiu bumped into guard He Lijuan (female)'s leg, so He Lijuan kicked her.

On May 25th, 2008, Ms. Gao Fuling was forced to work in a private bag processing workshop. Since she was so tired, she sat down on a bench to rest. Guard Yang Lijun (female) immediately came over and demanded that she stand up to work. Afterwards, Yang Lijun told guard Peng Tao (male) to come over. Peng Tao threatened to beat Ms. Gao in order to get her to do her work faster.

At noon on May 23rd, 2008, claiming that Ms. Tong Xiaoyan and Ms. Wu Yueju walked too close to each other, Zhang Yu pushed Ms. Tong Xiaoyan. Ms. Wu Yueju tried to argue with Zhang Yu. As a result, Ms. Wu was beaten by guard Liu Jie (female), Wang Xing (female), and Lin Suqing (female). Liu Jie also beat Ms. Tong.

On May 20th, 2008, Ms. Wu Yueju asked fellow practitioners to get up at midnight to do a meditation, but Lin Shuqing (female) found out. Wang Xing shouted abuses. Lin Shuqing and Wang Xing reported to Zhang Yu, who told them to beat the practitioners to death if they got up again to meditate.

Two days before the Dragon Boat Festival, a practitioner wrote a letter to a guard director to try and persuade her to be kinder. Ning Yuhua seized this letter. Guard Wang Shuzheng and Ren Huaiping not only abused practitioners but also incited overseers to monitor them by threatening, "If you turn a blind eye to Falun Gong practitioners, we will deal with you."

Zhang Yu, director of Team Two, colluded with Sun Bin (female), director of the production team, to abuse practitioners. They forced practitioners to cut nearly 200 cotton flakes each day. If they could not finish, they would have to take the cotton to their cell at night to continue the work.

Once, the guards forced practitioners to have blood drawn. Ms. Qiu Tieyan refused to cooperate. Zhang Yu incited Ning Yuhua and Lang Liya (female) to beat her.

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