Thoughts on Seeking "Inside Information"

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I heard about a person in Jinan City who was affiliated with the evil, but then "woke up" and realized that his actions were wrong. Following truth clarification efforts by practitioners and his own retribution experience, he began to secretly help practitioners. This, of course, was a very good thing, but recently there were some bad results. When several practitioners were arrested, besides sending forth righteous thoughts, some practitioners sought information from those practitioners said to be closer to this "inside person." They would circulate "inside information," such as who would be the next important target or who the police were watching, etc. One of the local coordinators spread this kind of information, causing some disturbance among practitioners. For example, when learning that a certain practitioner was an important target, they thought it would be more difficult to rescue him and so had less confidence when sending forth righteous thoughts. When they heard that another practitioner was not considered an "important target," they thought this person was not in big danger and consequently slacked off in sending forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners came to believe that this "inside information" was protective and all important, but others felt this thought was incorrect. Dafa practitioners should not rely on information from others in these kinds of situations, but take charge themselves. How should we think about this? I would like to share my ideas. Please point out anything incorrect.

When someone who formerly assisted the evil attempts to correct himself and helps practitioners, it is the direct result of our practitioners' righteous thoughts and acts. "This is what Dafa disciples have accomplished with righteous thoughts and righteous actions before the Fa rectifies the human world." ("My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'"). We can encourage and guide these people as we continue to clarify the truth so that they can completely get out from under the control of the evil. This would be real mercy towards these lives. However, if we thank them, flatter them, or even feel they are important, we are making the mistake of changing their status from "guest" to "host." If we stop clarifying the truth, this person may secretly continue to do wrong things under the control of the evil. Could the recent increase in practitioner arrests this year be a warning sign for us?

Coordinators should not have an attachment to "inside information." More importantly, they should not spread this information indiscriminately. We need to take the Fa as Teacher, not hearsay from everyday people. If wrong actions by a local coordinator results in some practitioners departing from the Fa, this could cause huge damage.

How should we look at "inside information" as cultivators? This depends on how much we believe in Teacher and Dafa. A true practitioner does not need any "inside information," and he or she will have confidence in dissolving evil and helping with Teacher's Fa-Rectification. Facing persecution from the evil, some practitioners believe in Dafa 100 percent and clarify the truth, send forth righteous thoughts, and dissolve all evil. No matter which old forces made the arrangements or what it is that they arranged, righteous thoughts are sent forth even when immediate results are not seen. If you are firm, the results will be good. Some practitioners did send forth righteous thoughts but also relied upon receiving "inside information." In this case their righteous thoughts are not pure. They try to determine if there were any results after sending forth righteous thoughts and are apt to become confused by false images. They may not realize that they do not truly believe in Teacher and the Fa. They are using ordinary people's methods and fooling themselves by thinking that they are "conforming to the way of everyday people." Teacher told us to cultivate while maximally conforming to the way of everyday people. However, this does not mean we should use everyday people's standards to guide us, let alone depend on everyday people to help us pass tribulations during our cultivation. We are Dafa disciples who are "now seen by the gods in a new light" ("My Version of a 'Stick Wake-up'"). The Fa will not be revealed to someone who does not believe in the Fa, will it?

Sometimes we succeeded in rescuing our fellow practitioners. Persecution ceased to exist when the strong righteous thoughts of all practitioners involved (including the practitioners who were being rescued) dissolved the evil. In some cases we did not succeed in rescuing a practitioner and reasons for this were varied.

"Students' own karma, inadequate understanding of the Fa, inability to let go of attachments amidst tribulations, inability to deal with things using righteous thoughts amidst painful trials, and so on, are the main reasons behind evil's escalation of the persecution, and are the true fundamental excuses that the evil has used to damage the Fa." ("Eliminate Your Last Attachment(s)")

"Each time they do evil, they have to gather up lots of rotten demons, turning out in almost full force. It is Fa-rectification and purification of the universe that is taking place, so they are being eliminated, and that is how the evil's strength is being decimated. Then after the elimination is complete, they settle down for a while. That's how it happens every time." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

At those times when the evils are gathering together to persecute practitioners, it's a good opportunity for us to clean them all out. Teacher provides us with opportunities to establish our mighty virtue and we should treasure them. Miracles can happen when we firmly believe in Teacher and the Fa and use Dafa disciples' righteous thoughts to handle all things. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun:

"We had someone sitting here who could disappear at one moment and reappear the next. It is just like that. Even greater supernatural powers will be developed."

When it is possible for practitioners who are illegally arrested to hold firm righteous thoughts and uprightly walk through a wall, why would we need to conform to the ways of everyday people? It is not fantasy, but Teacher's arrangement and an inevitable result when we break through the old forces. We practitioners can achieve it.

Fa-Rectification is near the end. Teacher has given us omnipotent power. No matter how well we cultivate, we should use our power and righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. This is the restoration of our divine side and the process of changing from everyday people to divine beings. Dependence on everyday people and being moved by so-called "inside information" tarnishes the name of Dafa disciples during Fa-Rectification.

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