Devote Our Hearts to Saving People

The old forces arranged this persecution according to their requirements. This is actually destroying all beings. All of what is currently happening in this world is related to the progress of our cultivation and affected by the attachments we still have.

How much of what happens in society is related to us? How we do is the key. We should not be attached to when the CCP (chinese communist party) is disintegrated, when the persecution ends, how the CCP did in hosting the Olympic Games, how prophecies play out, or how certain people in society behave. Our attachments will negatively impact the outcome. Whenever we become attached to something not happening, it will then happen, and vice versa. We know that everything that happens does so for us to improve our cultivation and save all beings.

I think that we should not have any attachment to things that happen in society. We should just follow Teacher's requirements, do the three things well, study the Fa and cultivate, send righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil, and clarify the truth to save all beings. We should behave without selfishness or qing. In our hearts we should only have the Fa, and we should devote ourselves to saving all beings compassionately.

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